Top Activities to Enjoy at Home This Summer


The summer season is when more people spend time outdoors and enjoy the warm weather that arrives. For families, it's important to stay busy and create new memories together. If you want to keep your loved ones entertained without having to leave the house, there are a few activities to consider.

Have Fun with Water

Make it easy to cool off with your little ones by having a bit of fun with water during the warmer months of the year to survive heat waves. You can make a slip n slide out of trash bags that are hosed off or even allow your kids to run through the sprinklers while playing Red Rover. Filling up an inflatable pool with water and bubbles will also offer hours of fun to little ones. If you live in Oklahoma, consider a more long term option by installing blue haven pools in Oklahoma City to help you enjoy the warm weather while also staying active!

Spend Time in the Kitchen

The summer is the perfect time to experiment in the kitchen and enjoy learning new recipes while teaching your kids how to cook. Consider making homemade popsicles, watermelon salad, and blueberry pie to expand your skills and also pass on what you know to your kids. You'll enjoy creating delicious treats together and can teach them how to pick out the right ingredients at the store.

Enjoy Reading During Quiet Time

Make it a point to visit the local library each week to select books that you can each read and spend time lounging around while having quiet time together. Reading will allow everyone to remain stimulated during the summer season and can allow your kids to continue learning when they're on break.

Have a Picnic

You can spend time planning a picnic in the backyard where you can enjoy eating lunch in a different setting. Ask your kids to help you prepare food for the picnic, which can include sandwiches, fruit kabobs, cheese and crackers, and chocolate chip cookies. You can enjoy a change of scenery and soak up the sun without having to leave the house.

Sell Lemonade

Help your kids learn how to be entrepreneurs by having a lemonade stand where they prepare beverages and earn money in the neighborhood. You can teach your children how to make lemonade from scratch and create a plan on how much they plan to sell it for while also creating a plan on how they want to advertise. Making signs, setting up a booth, and counting their earnings will prove to keep them busy and allow them to save for a new toy or activity.

Camp in the Backyard

Enjoy an overnight campout where you can tell ghost stories and pitch a tent in the backyard as a family. Your children will enjoy the adventure and can spend time in a fun setting where they can use lanterns and even make s'mores with the adults over a bonfire in the backyard or a ventless gas log in the house.

Create a Puppet Show

A puppet show will allow your children to practice using their imagination for a creative spin on play time. Your kids can make puppets out of socks and old buttons with different characters that are created. The puppet show can even be filmed and will allow your children to create different stories whenever they want to participate in a creative activity during the summer.

Grow Vegetables

The summer season is an ideal time to begin a garden as a family where you can learn how to grow different types of vegetables. The project will prove to be rewarding as you spend time watering the plants and watching them grow in the coming months. Once it's time to harvest the food, you can begin making meals with the ingredients from your own backyard.

Spending time at home during the summer can be an exciting way to try new activities and strengthen your skills. With an open mind, it will be an unforgettable summer and will allow your family to bond.