Top 5 Destinations for The Whole Family

Kevin Gardner

Family destinations for vacation depend on a lot of variables. The family must consider how long they want the vacation to be, if they are taking children or elderly people, how much they want to spend, and if they want to visit someplace new. Even considering all these variables, sometimes there are just those places that everyone will love, and no one will argue with when deciding on a place. Here are the top five destinations for the whole family.

1. Disney World, Orlando, FL

What vacation list would be complete without having Disney World on it? None! Disney World is for everyone, regardless of age. There are rides and activities that everyone will love and want to keep coming back for more. There are few things better than seeing the faces of visitors light up and to see the child come out in everyone. Walt Disney World has several parks, including a water park and Epcot center. Visitors can buy tickets to visit each park or they can visit multiple parks in the same day. The parks have many rides, food, shows, and attractions to look at. It can provide an urban and eden vacation because it is whatever you want it to be. Furthermore, Disney World has several of its own hotels near the parks. One of the benefits of staying there includes being able to enter the park earlier than other visitors. This can be awesome, especially if you have young children or elderly family members with you.

2. Washington, DC

Taking a trip to Washington DC can provide fun for the whole family. This is the home of the Smithsonian museums. There are a number of museums, all of which are free to enter, that will have something for everyone. Visiting Washington DC lets the vacationing family enjoy different restaurants, various government buildings, and boutiques and shopping. Additionally, there is a beautiful zoo that houses many wonderful animals. Visitors of all ages can find something to do in Washington DC. And, if you plan far enough ahead, and go through your Member of Congress, you can arrange to get a tour of the White House.

3. Honolulu

Hawaii might be the trip of a lifetime. This is one of those places that a family might only visit once, mainly because it is so far away. However, it boasts beautiful scenery and adventures to be had by all. There are outdoor activities to participate in, local customs to investigate, and beautiful beaches to relax on. So, there is a little something for all the members of a family, while still offering things that everyone can do together. People come to do water activities, lay on the beach, or go exploring the islands.

4. San Diego

San Diego has two awesome zoos that bring people from all over the country to visit. There is one zoo that has a traditional zoo feeling, with many different animals, shaded pathways, and activities for the kids. The other part of the zoo is like a safari. There are animals that feel like they are in their own environment. You get to tour the zoo in a safari vehicle, and if you choose to, you can get up close and personal with some of the animals. San Diego also has wonderful temperatures all year long. People come to enjoy the weather, the beaches, and all the attractions.

5. Yellowstone Park

You can visit this national park in any season. There are the summer time activities, like camping and lodging. But, there are also activities in the winter, like snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Many people come to the park to enjoy nature and view animals in their natural habitat. It is possible to do this in any season. As a matter of a fact, sometimes it is easier to find and see the wildlife in the winter because they are contrasted against the snow.