Tips to Making Your Basement Great for the Kids


Your family is expanding but income is not!

If you are like most families, you are in a dilemma, when your family grows, but your income did not catch up yet. You can't afford to move to a bigger home, and you also can't afford to add on to your home. You just have one room where everything congregates together, so what are your other options? Why not put your basement to some good use?

Got a basement? Got a new addition!

Basements are a great way to expand the living space in a home, without spending a fortune. Many homes have basements that are equal to the size of the upper portion of the home. This can be utilized to add bedrooms, bathrooms, and a new family room, while still having storage space left over.

What do you need to do, to get started?

The first thing you must do is check with your local zoning and building enforcement to see if you need a permit. If you do, make sure that you get it. Construction trucks and building materials going in and out of your home are very noticeable, and if you get caught without a permit, it will be costly, with fines, and possibly tearing out all the work already done. You will need to check the walls for condensation as well. If you start covering the walls and there is moisture, it will lead to mold. Have a professional come in and assess it for you, to tell you what needs to be fixed before starting.

What are some suggestions?

Chances are, your basement has those windows, that are at ground level. Why not install some decorative window wells, that allow more natural lighting to come in. There are all different kinds of ways you can use these. Some people actually make entrances and exits with them. Some people make elaborate planters or just add pretty pictures. You can check Pinterest for ideas, or go to this website to see how to build a terraced window well.

Some more suggestions!

While planning your layout, take into consideration where you want everything to be. Bedrooms will need to have the windows in them to assess in case of an emergency. If you are planning a family room, chances are, you will have a TV for watching family movies. You should plan this area in the darkest part of the basement, so no natural lighting will ruin TV viewing. Consider adding a drop ceiling or at least insulating it, to cover noise from the kids having fun down there.

Don't forget storage!

It's a good idea to build some shelving or maybe even cabinets. The kids will be playing down there, so a place to store games, and toys would be a good idea. Maybe even have some paper plates and cups, for drinks and snacks. IT is a good idea to invest in a tray, or basket to bring things up and down in. It makes for easier cleanup, and also bringing down goodies, all in one trip.

What else can you do with a basement?

Maybe you don't need a playroom for the kids. Why not build your own personal man cave? No more hogging the only living with all the guys to watch football. Head downstairs, where you can all do all the hollering you want. You can make it guest quarters, office space, or possibly use it for Airbnb? Check out these ideas at the HGTV page. There are so many possibilities for your basement, so why not get busy, and start utilizing yours today. Make sure to have professionals inspect your work if you are not sure about things, and enjoy!