Tips to Keep Your Kids Happy


It is the goal of every parent to keep their kids happy every day. Even though parents have to go to work and attend to multiple house chores in a single day, most of them are still trying to keep their kids happy. Others have been overwhelmed on the process, and they feel like they are using much energy to make things work while still trying to keep their kids happy. Parents should adopt new strategies to keep their kids happy hence sprucing their relationship with the little one.

Monitoring Your Child’s Emotional Health

Sometimes parents get it wrong when they think that their children don’t have emotions at such an early stage of growth. Your kids could be experiencing anger or reservation due to various factors that are happening within their surroundings. As a caring parent, you should try to monitor your child’s emotional health and try to see it that they can manage their feelings every time they feel hurt. Typical toys such as Spider Gwen Figure are very useful as they help the kids to divert their attention away from what is causing negative emotions.

Get Happy Yourself

Extensive research studies have shown that the emotional state of parents plays a critical role in the emotional well-being of their kids. Depressed parents are likely to bring up kids in depressed conditions to the extent that their children will be disturbed. A disturbed parent lacks the necessary parenting skills, which makes him or her less effective when trying to make their children comfortable. The same study showed that happy parents have higher chances of making their kids pleased because the mood in the upbringing environment is vibrant. However, the studies did not prove any genetic relationship between happy parents and happy kids.

Build Relations

Have a formidable relationship with your kids, and you will always find a happy kid at home. Don’t push them away when they come running for a hug on a Monday evening when you are moody. They will have a perception that you don’t appreciate them and that they are a burden to you. Be light and approachable to your children and try to show sympathy whenever they are experiencing a problem. They will also develop the same habit of showing empathy to others which will make them have a happy life in long-term.

Have Common Activities

It is common for parents to send their parents to the bouncing castles and face painting activities after which they go swimming and other fun activities that are considered adults. This creates a boundary between you and your kids at an early stage which might be difficult to bridge in future. In fact, your kids feel unwanted which might make them have low self-esteem which is harmful to their mental growth. Make sure you perform similar weekend activities such as horse riding or playing beside the pool. Your children will have a sense of security which will ultimately contribute to their happiness.

Let the Kids Have the Phone

Sometimes we feel guilty as parents giving our children technology because it can feel like we are neglecting them. But truth is, technology is here to stay and allowing children to get familiar and comfortable around it is very important. Because we cannot monitor everything a child is doing on the phone by ourselves, it is important to put different safety tools into place. Look into the best VPN for IPhones to install before you let your children roam free on the internet. This will ensure that your network is protected from hackers tracking your children's activity. Installing other apps such as parental controls and time restrictions will help ensure your child is having a safe time on your cell phone.

Get Crafty with your Kids

Sometimes it’s hard to get an adequate duration to spend with your kids and see what they like besides the sweet tasting food. You need to find some time like on a Sunday afternoon and get crafty with your kids. Try to draw various structures, people, and items. Happy kids will tend to draw images that express or imply what they experience on a daily basis. They will unconsciously have crafty images of their mother and father or the guardian if they love them. If the kids are not drawing you, then, they are not thinking about you, and you two are emotionally apart.

It is true that parents are busy trying to get extra dollars to pay for the existing mortgage, health insurance policies, and meeting the monthly bills. However, getting money should not come at the expense of your children. You brought them into this world, and you have an obligation of keeping them happy no matter what. Make your kids happy, and you will forget the hospital door.