Tips to Keep Kids Safe from Technology

Internet Safety for Kids K-3
Internet Safety for Kids K-3

Internet safety for kids is a topic getting much attention because children are being exposed to the Internet at a younger and younger age. IUP Communication...


Set Limits.

Should you restrict your child's internet time, you reduce the chance they will stumble upon something that they should not. Decide up front how much display time you will make it possible for daily and share that info with your kid. These things such as good natural gas detectors can kids safe from from too much time inside the house. This display time tracker and these display time tickets can help.

Check History.

You must make a habit of assessing your child history. Here is the way to take action . You can do it on all their devices -- iPads, computers, and mobile phones. If the background can be set to personal, or was erased ask your child.

Know Passcodes.

Be up front with your kids you will have to have their passwords for every one their apparatus and for all their social networking websites. As soon as you've the passwords, then check these sites regularly to find out exactly what your child is viewing and submitting.

Hopefully your child won't accidentally encounter something objectionable, but you will still wish to get ready for the"just in case." Author and doctor, Meg Meeker, indicates saying something like this,"First, I would like you to understand it is not your fault this popped up in your own PC. There are a number of things online. However, now that you have seen this provides a opportunity to speak about what you need to do if it occurs again. When things that are improper do appear in your computer, shut the display. And, do not seek this kind of thing out. If you do, it may lead you down a dark trail."


A last notice for us...the grown ups. Let us try to not use telephones, iPads, or other electronic equipment as our go-to once we will need to divert or calm our children. Restrict, limit, limitation.

That is but it is the very first line of defense in keeping your children safe online. Below are a few ideas for especially monitoring action on your children's phone. Get Tracking Program to keep those kids safe!