Tips For Installing Your New Swimming Pool


Deciding to get an in-ground pool comes with a lot of other considerations. Everything from design choices to size and depth have to be decided, and the cost can go up very quickly. By following these tips, you'll be able to save yourself some anxiety, and make sure that your new pool will be the best possible choice for you.

1. Get The Right Man For the Job

Above all, choosing to have a pool installed means that you're going to need the best possible contractor. Whether you go with a private contractor or a company like this one that does pool designs in Mobile, Alabama, your top consideration should be ensuring that they're certified by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. By doing this, you'll have a guarantee that your contractor has a good reputation and will most likely do a great job.

A pool is a complicated addition to your home, and the contractor will need expertise, not just in the pool installation itself, but in all the surrounding concerns, such as fencing, walkways, steps, or pumps. Depending on your needs, the timeline for construction may take longer than you expected, so it's important to know going in that your pool party next summer may be delayed quite a bit. You'll want to feel confident that your contractor can handle any design problem you throw at them, in addition to making sure everything is structurally sound and will last you as long as you need it to.

2. Find the Perfect Spot

You might have your dream location picked out already for your swimming pool, but be prepared to make some concessions in case your yard has unforeseen issues with digging, such as large rocks. If you've already invested in your yard's development, there may be trees that you'll want to avoid putting the pool underneath, to save yourself from having to constantly skim leaves off the surface. You'll also want to ensure that, for safety reasons, the pool will be visible from the house at all times, so putting it farther back in the yard or behind a wall may be inadvisable.

3. Prepare For Unexpected Costs

Like any large investment, a pool will often come with invisible costs long after your contractor has been paid and you're enjoying the pool. For instance, many pools will require a lot of energy to run the pumps and filters. This can add up, making your utility bill a lot more expensive over time. Additionally, you'll need to maintain the water's quality and cleanliness, which will involve buying costly chemicals and your own time and trouble.

There will also possibly be the necessity of repairing the pool's surfacing material once in a while, depending on what your contractor used. It's not impossible to keep your pool looking great and functioning well inexpensively, but it'll require some forethought and preparation on your part.

4. Put Safety First

Depending on where you live, there may be laws and guidelines to consider when installing an in-ground pool. It's important to know if your area requires fencing around the pool, because that can mean a much larger cost for the overall project. If you have children or if children are going to be near the pool, investing in a child-proof pool cover may be a worthwhile investment, and can also keep your pool protected during the off-season. You may also want to buy an add-on to your home insurance policy that will include any possible accidents that could happen around the pool, such as injuries or damage to the property from water.

It may seem overwhelming in the face of all the extra costs and considerations, but at the end of the day, installing a pool is something that can bring you a lot of joy and fun over the years. By keeping these tips in mind, you'll be making informed decisions and will have the pool of your dreams installed in no time.