Tips For Homeschooling Your Children In 2020


Attending school in the year 2020 looks a little different for most people. Because of the various concerns and protocols in place, most families are having to homeschool their kids. While this isn’t a new concept for some, others have never had the thought of doing it. If you’re homeschooling for the first time this year, here are some things that may help make the process a little easier.

Make a Schedule

One of the first things you should do concerning homeschooling is to make a schedule. This will make sure everything gets done each day, and you’ll also stay on track to finish at a set time. Although it’s tempting to let your kids sleep in, make sure they are going to bed early and getting up just like they would be if they were going into school. Start school at a certain hour each day and schedule in all your classes and breaks.

Have Some Fun

While you may not consider yourself to be a teacher, circumstances have now made you become one. It’s hard to turn into something you’re not but try to make each class interactive and fun for your kids. Incorporate games that will teach them about what they are learning but are still fun to play. Monopoly, sudoku, trouble, and various other games are great for math, while scrabble, 21 questions, and word games can help with grammar.

Limit Electronic Time 

Your children may not like this rule, but you should consider limiting the amount of time they can spend on various electronics each day. This is important for several reasons, one being that it limits distractions. Your kids may rush through their work and do a sloppy job just because they know they can play video games or watch tv when they are done. Spending a lot of time looking at a screen is unhealthy in general though as well, so it’s best to keep it at a minimum.

Create a School Space

Although your house wasn’t created to be school, setting up a schoolroom or space is a great way to start your homeschooling journey. It will help separate your happy feelings of home you’re your stressful feelings of school, letting the kids know that the entire house doesn’t have to be hated. You can decorate the area, making it classroom appropriate complete with a desk and board as well. This space can also help you stay organized and focused.

Encourage Breaks

You may be tempted to move right through the materials and classes each day but remember how it works in a school. Although they are gone all day, your kids are not in a classroom every minute of the day. Keep this same philosophy at home. Let your kids take half-hour breaks throughout the day and don’t force them to get everything done in one sitting. They may still have homework to do after their classes are over but encourage them to move around and take some time to decompress before doing it right away.

Connect With Others

Even though there are several limitations to how one can interact with others during these times, it’s important that you keep your kids connected with their friends. A lot of people are homeschooling for the first time, which means you are not the only one. Look to each other for help, and have your kids work together to figure things out. This can be done through the phone or maybe even socially distanced interactions if allowed.

Offer Rewards

Even though school is a mandatory thing most kids hate attending, that doesn’t mean doing it at home is any easier. It may help to ease the burden of it all if you offer rewards when your kids reach certain goals. While it’s important they understand there isn’t always a prize when you do what you have to in life, it can lighten the load and moods your kids may be feeling. It can also help inspire them to keep trying, even though it’s hard and may seem impossible.


It’s important to realize that you as a parent are not the only one struggling with this new idea of homeschooling. Do what you can to make it easier on your kids so you’ll all have a great year.