Tips for Becoming an Active Family

Loretta Jane

Whether you're sheltering in place, or your family is getting out less often than they once did, the pandemic may be causing a little weight gain if you're less active than you once were. It could also be that maybe your family has never been particularly active. Either way, there are benefits to an active life style, including better mental health and a healthier body.

Here are some tips to help you gain a more active lifestyle. Some may have to wait until after the pandemic passes, but that is looking closer as each day passes.

When You Need a Little Boost

Naturally, children have an abundance of energy. Once you make a suggestion to get out of the house and do an activity, they're likely to be rearing to go. You, on the other hand, might need a little boost. Check out Thrive side effects to decide if a supplement might be right for you.

Other things you can do to help increase your energy include getting enough sleep and avoiding sitting for prolonged periods of time. You may find your muscles need some attention.

Start With Healthy Eating

It's time to give up the pre-packaged meal kits and frozen pizza. That can be a difficult transformation! So, you make it interesting.

Don't just eat healthy, but get your kids on board and excited about it. Get their input and if they are old enough have them help plan and prepare meals based on their needs from the five food groups. Not only will you help them develop healthy habits that could last the rest of their lives, but it will help give them some important decision-making experience.

Take Family Hikes

Don't start out with a major hike right away. If you've been an inactive family, you should start out at your local park. If a park is nearby, walk to it. When you feel ready, start taking walks and explore nature on trails around your local lake. Soon, you'll be ready for the bigger national parks trails that are rugged and adventurous.

Don't forget to take plenty of water and healthy snacks. Also, have a compass on hand in case you get lost.

Get a Dog

If you have an only child, a dog makes a wonderful companion for playing in the backyard and someone to snuggle with at night. Before buying a puppy for your child, research the different breeds to get a feel for the personalities. Some dogs are more gentle than others, and some may grow to big for your home if you live in an apartment.

Get Out to the Game

Seeing others being physically active is not only entertaining, it's inspiring. Provide your children the opportunity to have an appreciation for physical fitness. Professional players make great role models and give children the opportunity to dream big. Attending a professional sports game is one of the most inspiring outdoor adventures you can embark on.

If there's not a professional sports association in your area of the country, tie in a game the next time you go on vacation. Something fun you could do with your children is keep track of all the stadiums you've visited, whether it's football, baseball, hockey or something else. This will help keep their memories strong.

Support Little League Endeavors

Whether it's soccer, baseball or swimming, practicing as a whole family provides fitness for all. What better memories could there be than challenging mom or dad to a game of soccer in the backyard? Better yet, why not the whole family?If you're not able to play, invite other children or cousins to play with them.

Attend their games and keep it fun. Criticizing them for how they performed will take the fun from the game. It's not likely they're going to make a career in the sport, and wouldn't you rather they had happy members of their participation?

There are many things your family can do to enjoy being physically active together. What other things could you add to this list?