Tips For A Healthy and Fun Summer at Home


Summer is the perfect time of year to go outside and enjoy your home's backyard with your family. To take advantage of this space, however, you should create an attractive, functional design. Many homeowners neglect their backyard, only to find themselves staying indoors throughout the summer season. So, consider these backyard design tips to create the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family this summer.

Manicure the Lawn

Neither you nor your family can enjoy the backyard if it's unkempt with overgrown grass and weeds. Therefore, the first step in preparing your backyard for summer is to manicure your lawn. This includes mowing the grass once a week, reseeding bare patches, watering during dry spells and pulling up weeds. And if you struggle to maintain a full, green lawn, measure the soil's pH level to ensure that it's suitable for your lawn grass variety. Most common lawn grasses prefer slightly acidic soil with a pH level of 6.5.

Set Up Comfortable Seating

No backyard is complete without comfortable seating. Whether you prefer chairs, benches, hammocks or stools, your backyard needs seating options for you and your family. When choosing seating, consider the material from which it's made. Plastic seating is typically the cheapest, but it doesn't offer the same aesthetic value as other materials like wood or iron. Furthermore, there are different types of wood used to make outdoor furniture. Some of the most expensive outdoor furniture is made of teak wood. While expensive, teak furniture is a smart investment for your backyard because of its water- and mold-resistant properties.

Set Up a Fire Pit

A fire pit is the second-most popular accessory for backyards and other outdoor living spaces, surpassed only by comfortable chairs. So, why should you set up a fire pit in your backyard? This simple outdoor accessory will provide you and your family with new cooking and entertainment options. Once set up, you can use your fire pit to grill burgers, smoke meats or roast marshmallows. When summer is over and the weather begins to cool, you can also use it as an outdoor heater for your backyard, allowing you to host nighttime parties throughout the year.

Consider a Pool

If you're willing to go the extra mile with your backyard design, consider installing a pool. Swimming is a fun, low-impact activity that offers a myriad of health benefits. Research has shown that swimming builds muscle strength, promotes a healthy heart, reduces stress and reduces the risk of obesity. Rather than setting up an unattractive above-ground pool, though, invest in a professionally installed underground pool.

Custom pools prosper in dry cities like Nevada, or Arizona where people want to find just the right pool for their specific backyard. If you live in Nevada, custom pools Las Vegas will have all the things you need to have your dream pool. Swimming pool contractors can help turn your vision of a backyard pool into a reality. You tell them the type of pool you want, and they'll design it.

Create Shade

The midday summer heat can make it difficult for you and your family to enjoy the backyard. This is particularly true if there's little or no shade present. Shade can make your backyard feel 20 degrees cooler than the actual ambient temperature, thereby creating a more comfortable space. There are several ways to add shade to your backyard, some of which include building an extended roof, installing an awning or using an outdoor table umbrella. Another idea is to plant trees with a large canopy. The only downside is that it usually takes at least several years for a newly planted tree to mature.

Don't let summer pass you by this year. Follow these tips to turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis for you and your family.