Three Ways Your Kids Can Make Every Day Green Up Day


These days, recycling is pretty prevalent in most homes and schools, and your kids have probably brought home their fair share of recycled egg carton crafts from school. Maybe you have swapped out plastic straws for stainless straws, and you avoid purchasing individual water bottles. That's great! But the bottom line is, your work will never be done when it comes to greening up your home. Luckily for parents everywhere, kids of all ages are more than capable of making a difference. There's no time like the present to get your kids involved in greener living!

1.) Start Composting

This is one of the simplest things you can do to involve your kids in greening up your home. Being that it's an ongoing process, it's a perfect chore to assign, and it can be pretty fun too. What kid doesn't find dirt or worms interesting? Learning the ins and outs of composting prior to starting will ensure you have all the information you need for composting success. If done correctly, you will end up with fertile, rich, composted material that's perfect for adding to gardens and planters - which also means you'll save money and cut down on waste from plastic-bagged soil bought from the store. To help your kids understand how composting helps the environment, try this experiment. For one week prior to composting, record the amount of garbage your family produces. Once you start composting, record the amount of garbage produced again. There will be a difference!

2.) Soak Up The Sun

Have you noticed an increase in solar panels on homes, or driven by solar farms recently? It's because solar energy has become extremely popular, and for good reason. Did you know that if you install panels on your property, you could be eligible for a tax credit, on top of saving on your typical energy costs? Those are both pretty good incentives. If solar energy is something you have considered but aren't entirely sure of, sit down as a family and discuss how this alternative form of energy would benefit everyone. Kids are naturally curious and love to learn new things. It would be interesting to see their responses when you ask them where the energy comes from that allows them to watch their favorite show, or switch on their bedroom light after the sun goes down. Do they understand that Mr. Golden Sun could bring them that same energy, and it would be much, much nicer to Mother Nature, too? If you've asked yourself, "I wonder where I can find solar providers near me," now's the perfect time to learn more and see if solar energy is right for your home and family.

3.) Bring Forth New Life

As a kid, maybe you noticed how your grandma probably never threw anything away. A roasted chicken became homemade chicken soup, after using the carcass to make the stock. Threadbare clothing became cleaning rags, to be washed and re-used. And since your kids notice everything (you know they do), be the best role model you can be. Let them see you transform leftovers into something new and tasty, instead of throwing them away. Better yet, get them involved in the process. It's true that kids who have a hand in cooking are more apt to (gasp) eat what they're served! As far as recycling goes, cardboard boxes make excellent school buses, rocket ships, and forts. Empty tissue boxes make pretty amazing monster feet, cereal boxes make awesome crowns, and paper towel rolls are the perfect telescope.

What's so important to remember about all of this is that good values start at home. Yes, you will reap benefits from your kids' contributions to make your home a greener place, but as time goes on, they'll bring their knowledge and practices out into the world, which will benefit everyone!