Things to Know Before Playing Outside With Your Kids


We all enjoy playing outside with our children. But we must remember to always stay safe while doing so. There are lots of dangers that could arise while playing outside with our children.

Make sure there are no pets around

When playing outside with your children you always want to make sure that you’re in a space that does not have any type of dangerous dogs around. This does not include family pets which will not be harmful in anyway. If there are any dangerous pets around this could be harmful to your children while playing outside.

Do not play in areas where there is high traffic

You want to make sure that you do not play near areas where there is very high traffic. Do not play in areas where there are cars or trucks going by. This can be very dangerous as a car could come by and not see your child if he or she happens to run out into the street to get a ball or other toys.

Keep your child within eyesight

Always watch your children very carefully and keep them within eyesight at all times. This will ensure that they are safe from strangers. Keep them close to you and away from people passing by that you do not know. Make sure they are always playing near the house as well. If they want to go to a neighbors house, make sure to walk with them to make sure they get there safely. If your children want to play at a park, make sure to drive them to the park or if the park is within close distance you can walk with them to make sure that they are safe.

Keep them away from insects

Make sure you are aware of your surroundings when playing outside with your kids. Bees, mosquitos and other insects are widespread and may be harmful to your child. Fire ants or other crawling insects can be dangerous if they are near children. Especially young kids who like to sit on the ground while playing, right where these insects are crawling. Children are not always aware of their surroundings when they are playing as they are mostly concentrating on having fun and may not notice insects or spiders close by.

Make sure your children do not play near intersections or stairs

Make sure to keep your children from intersections where cars maybe passing. If your child happens to kick a ball into the street, they may not be aware of the cars passing by and simply step out into the street to retrieve a ball or other toy. This can be very dangerous as a car could be passing which may accidentally hit your child. Also make sure your children are not playing near any stairs as this can also be very dangerous if they should happen to fall down the stairs while playing.

Watch for slippery areas and wear protective gear at all times

You may also want to make sure your child is not playing in an area that is slippery as this may cause an injury if they are running. This may cause them to fall down and create an injury. Also make sure they do not play near stairs which can also be hazardous to your child. Also wear protective gear at all times. Make sure your children are always wearing protective gear at all times. Especially when rollerskating, riding a bicycle, or using skateboards or scooters. Make sure that they are wearing helmets and kneepads. There are many resources you can look up also to help keep your children safe while they are playing outside.