The Most Stylish Trends for Your Infant


Head Wraps

Although keeping your baby's head warm is one of the first pieces of advice that you are given when she is born, there are many trends for head covering that have been rising in popularity, such as head wraps. Commonly known as top knots or even baby turbans, these headpieces are a new way to keep your child's hair protected without a hood or the classic knitted baby hat. You can easily have a variety of wraps on hand that can be coordinated with a variety of outfits to make your baby both warm and fashion forward. Although they can be a bit more expensive than their counterparts, they are extremely flexible and versatile, making them a good investment.


A layette is a rather broad term for clothing that is geared towards newborns and very young babies, composing of items like onesies, sleepwear, receiving blankets, and other items. Purchase a beautiful sleep gown for your baby girl to ensure that she gets the best rest possible, or even a long-sleeved, two piece sleeper pajama set which makes it much easier for the middle of the night diaper changes. These can ensure that your baby is comfortable when it is time for bed, or when you are going out to run errands during their nap time.


Tutus have long been seen as an adorable accessory for young girls of all ages. Not only can you purchase tutus for your baby girl at almost any clothing store or boutique, but if you want them to be truly unique, you can make them at home. Sewing a tutu by hand with the right materials is incredibly easy and can turn into a fun hobby to add tutus to your child's outfits. There are also methods that exist which do not require sewing. With the do it yourself method for tutu making, you have the added benefit of customizing the size, color, and design of the tutu to go with any clothing item and instantly make your baby's look more fashionable.


Another easy way to accessorize your baby's outfit with little effort is by putting her in a stylish hair bow. You can purchase materials from websites like Etsy or even your local craft store, and make a variety of bows without sewing. Many online tutorials exist for crafting bows depending on your color preference or the size of your infant's head. Adding a bow can bring your baby's outfit to the next level and can look especially adorable for events like family photos. There are also many online retailers where you can buy a variety of bows in order to have a broad selection of them for every outfit or occasion.

Graphic Tees

We have all seen the hilarious and cute graphic tees all over the internet that are designed for babies, with catchy phrases referencing poop, breast milk, and other typical experiences of raising an infant. If you would like to give your baby unique tee shirts without spending a lot of money on an item they will outgrow, you can easily craft them yourself using methods like iron-on. If you purchase shirts wholesale online or at a local store, you can make many different fun tees for your baby as they are growing. With the amount of materials and designs available, the opportunities for creative tees are endless.

It does not have to be difficult to keep your infant looking beautiful and stylish all the time. With these tips, you are guaranteed to have your baby in the most fashion forward ensembles and be prepared for any situation.