Teaching Kids the Basics of Life


One of the most important parts of parenting is teaching your kids how to take care of themselves. This is also probably one of the most difficult parts of parenting because it requires both teaching difficult concepts and habits while also forcing you to let go and let your child start to take responsibility for their own life. Though this may seem difficult and does not seem fun at all, it can actually be really rewarding to see children start to learn how to have responsibility in their own life from a young age. Below are some of the basic categories that kids should learn to have responsibility for as well as the best ways that you can begin to teach kids these principles.


When your baby is young, you are completely responsible for the the health and hygiene of your child, but it is important to teach your child how to take care of their body as soon as they are old enough to do so. This can start in simple ways such as helping them learn how to do simple things such as brush their own teeth, comb their hair, or wash their hands on their own. This can lead to teaching them more skills as they are older such as learning how to choose their own outfits and dressing themselves, learning how to clean glasses, how to shower or bathe, and other basics of personal hygiene. Some parents suggest a variety of ways to teach these hygiene principles for kids including setting a good example of hygiene for your kids, explaining why hygiene is important, teaching them how to do things like wash their hands through games, or using charts similar to chore charts for things like showering, brushing teeth, etc.

Time Management

Another important basic life principle to teach your kids while they are young is time management. This one may be more difficult than the last one because it involves more abstract concepts, but it is just as important in teaching principle that will help your child throughout their life. This can start in small ways such as teaching them how to tell time on a clock or teaching them how to use timers. One of the easiest ways to teach your kids time management is to create schedules and calendars with them. You can teach them long-term time management by creating calendars that cover a large period of time such as a week or a month that includes priorities and important tasks for different days. You can use pictures and easy symbols on these schedules to make them easier to understand. Though kids crave repetition and structure, it is important that these calendars, charts, or schedules are not too detailed that they don’t leave room for your kid to learn how manage their own time.

Money Management

Like time management, money management is another life skill that can be taught in a variety of ways. Some parents choose to give their kids an allowance or reward their kids with a small amount of money for doing various chores. The purpose of an allowance should be to give your kid the opportunity to learn how to manage money on a small scale while they young, but it is not the only way to accomplish this. You can teach good money management principles in simple ways such as having your kids help you grocery shop on a specific budget or using crafts to help them create their own way to save money such as a piggy bank, envelopes, etc., which can teach them the importance of saving their money from a young age.

These are just some of the ways that you can teach your kids the basics of life while they are young. Overall these principles are best taught through the example of parents and while your kids are young so that they are prepared for adulthood in many practical ways.