Teach Your Kids to Live Greener Lives


When people say that kids are our future, this is even more true when it comes to the environment. This is why it is key to teach our children about sustainability practices and greener lifestyles so that they can grow up embracing this. By introducing these concepts when they are young, we can have hope that they will continue their practices and drive green initiatives forward as they grow. Consider these activities and strategies to teach your family about living a greener life.

Alternative Energy Sources

Teaching your children where energy comes from and how we can make better choices is essential. Whether you have installed solar panels on your home or you are showing your children commercial solar installation you can begin to start talking about energy. For those who are financially capable, committing to alternative energy sources at home can be a key signal to your children; however, for those who are not in a place to do this, there are still ways to explain power, energy and greener practices. While explaining energy to children, particularly young children can feel challenging, it is important to start when they are young so you can begin to show them how it fuels our lives.

Energy Use

Kids can learn at a very young age the strategies to reduce their energy use. Whether you teach your kids about turning off lights when they leave a room or unplug electronic devices that aren’t in use, you can teach them strategies. Before they know what energy is, you can begin to teach sustainable choices. Taking the time to have a conversation with them about why it is important can teach them valuable lessons that they can take with them.

Food Growth and Waste

A great way to get your children actively involved in green initiatives is around food, try creating a veggie garden with them. Whether you have them assist you in pulling weeds, plant your own veggies or give them their own patch of garden, this is an opportunity to teach them about growing their own food. This also presents you with an opportunity to talk about food waste and how it is important to be mindful of food, intake and waste.

Adventures in Nature

Getting outside is a crucial step in showing your children the wonders of nature. By going on hikes, nature walks or even getting outside to sit for a while can help spark an appreciation for nature and all the amazing beauty and resources that it has to offer.

Respect for All Creatures

When outside and when you come across woodland creatures, this presents a great chance for you to teach your kids respect for all forms of life. It is important to share with them the importance of life from nature to its inhabitants. Consider sharing your appreciation with nature and your kids by building and decorating a birdhouse for your flying friends.

Reduce and Recycle

An essential lesson for all of us is understanding the crucial nature of our role when it comes to waste. Taking time to teach your kids about waste, litter and recycling will prove to be an invaluable lesson that can help them live a greener existence. Take time to explain to them why you make the choices you do when it comes to waste so that they can better understand how to be more responsible with the world.

Reading About Nature and Greener Practices

For some, taking your kids out into nature to learn about it can be challenging for many reasons; however, if you are not able to get out into nature, your kids still have a chance to learn about the environment and how they interact with it. Consider introducing stories that teach children about the environment and their responsibilities in it. These will present you the chance to talk to them about being more eco-friendly and making good choices for the earth.

All of these activities and lessons boil down to a basic sense of respect for the world around us. This sense of respect can help your kids learn how to make choices to become better people and live a more conscientious and positive human existence.