Talking To Stepkids About Sex


Talking To Step Kids About Sex

How do you talk to your step children about sex? Do you just let the school handle it? Do you let them pick up the basics from gossip in the playground? Well, today we are looking at a few ways you can approach talking to your step kids about sex.

Always Get The Ok And Input From Your Partner

While you guys are a team and your blended family should be a unit. For something like sex, you really want to make sure that you are both on the same page before you start talking to the kids about it. This kind of thing is best handled with you two on a united front. Even if it is only going to be one of you talking to the kids about it. You both still need to know what is happening. You need to agree on what you will tell them, what is an appropriate age to even discuss it and so on. One other thing to consider is your partner's ex, they may not be super happy about you talking about sex with their kids, so make sure you think about that also and get your partner to let them know you guys think it is time to “have the talk”

Make Sure They Know They Can Come To You With Any Questions

You do not want to sit them down at the table, get the human anatomy book from 1984 out and start an awkward sex ed class in your home! Talking about sex is really weird for a child, especially to their parents, never mind a step parent. But you want to make sure that they know, they can come to you with any questions that they may have. This can be just a quick and simple few minute long conversation (trust me they will want it over as quickly as possible) but through the awkwardness, they will realize that you are there for them if they do have any questions about sex.

Be Truthful

Look I am not saying that when your 3 year old blurts out in the middle of Walmart “where do babies come from?” that you need to give them all the details there and then. But when kids start getting a little older, word will no doubt start to spread on the playground about sex and all kinds of weird theories will be getting spread around. In this case, you want to be as honest and truthful about sex as possible as the last thing you want is your child getting sex ed from some kid called Lucas on the basketball court at recess.

What Do They Need To Know? Be Prepared!

Unless your child catches you off guard with a question about sex, try to have some kind of battle plan for what you are going to tell them. What do they need to know? Talking about puberty, changes to the body, periods, the dreaded where babies come from are all things that they need to know about and while kind of awkward (wow are we using that word a lot!) at least you will be prepared and ready to give them some proper information rather than just random facts that you are saying off the top of your head. The sex talk is one that every single parent dreads, but by having what you are going to say prepared, you can get through it a lot easier.

We all know that one of the things we do not look forward to as a parent is talking about sex. This is doubly true if you are a blended family and your partner is leaving the sex talk to you! Just try and be as honest and open as you can and both you and the kid will get through it, you may not make eye contact for a few days, but you will get through it!