Surviving Summer As A Blended Family


Surviving summer as a blended family is definitely not easy, but it can be done!.

Schools out for summer… Well, it is either really close, happening now or just about to be happening, depending on when you are reading this. Summer vacation is awesome. It gives you and your family a chance to bond and for a blended family spending, as much time together is great. But the summer vacation is long, like really, really, really long and after a while, things can get a little tense. This is not just for a blended family, but all families!

By the end of the summer, you are just praying for the school bus to pull up outside so you can slingshot your kids into. But to help you get through it without killing each other, we have a few fun ideas for ways you can survive the summer!

Get Wet

It is summer, it is hot (well hopefully) so spend some time as a family cooling off at a water park or a swimming pool. Heck, even a trip to the lake would be a fun day out. Even heading to Walmart or Target and buying a huge inflatable pool is fun. Bottom line is, families + water 99/100 equals a fun time.

Summer Camp

We know that many parents dream of shipping the kids off to summer camp for a couple of weeks. We are not saying you want to do this to get rid of the kids (although that can be a nice benefit) but for a blended family, having the kids go away to camp together and getting them to spend time together without mom and dad there can really help them get to know each other better. On the flip side of this, it gives you guys a little more time to spend together and maybe even with some younger siblings. So do not just think of summer camp as a way to ship the kids off for a couple of weeks. Think of it as a way to, in the long run, bring your blended family together.

Do Things As A Family

Look, we could write a huge list of things that you can do as a family. Bowling, hiking, sports, cooking, super family fun day… whatever the heck that is. But the point we are trying to make here is that spending time together and having fun is the main way a blended family comes together. You will never have more time to do this than during the summer. One little bit of advice we can give you is to plan things out in advance. If you are not going away on vacation have at least one thing each week of the summer that you are going to do as a family.


We are not for one second suggesting that you build a rocket in the garage and go to the international space station for some peace and quiet. Although after a long summer, we would not judge you for trying! Spending time together as a family truly is awesome. But the summer is a long time. So if for a couple of days one of the kids just wants to hang out in their room playing PlayStation, let them. Do no force 24/7 family time. The kids will grow to resent it and see family time as a chore. You all need space and there is nothing wrong with taking a day here, an hour there or whatever to yourself.

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