Strategies to Turn the Challenges of Having a Family From Survive to Thrive


There is no doubt that managing a family is complicated and complex. Not only are you balancing your life, but you also are responsible for the lives of others. Many parents and guardians can feel stressed out by the ever-changing and ever-complicated priorities of adult life and family. If you are feeling overwhelmed, here are some strategies to help you turn your life from just surviving to thriving.

Develop Resilience

Life can be incredibly challenging, and it can certainly throw curveballs. Your emotional and mental resilience are muscles that you can build and that means building up your mental toughness. Not only can this prepare you for the curveballs today, but it can set you up for a fortified and stronger future.

Set Boundaries and Establishing Priorities

It can be difficult to manage work and home, especially when you have a family. While these worlds can collide, setting clear boundaries and priorities can help make navigating both of these simultaneously a bit easier. The reality is that there are only so many hours in the day. If you want to be able to navigate both, compartmentalizing when you can and understanding what areas of your life cannot be compromised above all else will help you balance both.

Set Time for Quality Time for the Family and Yourself

For busy working professionals, it can be easy to get sidetracked with the busyness of life and lose track of what matters. Even though your family will always be your family, you still need to invest time in quality family time and show a commitment to these relationships. Whether you are playing games, exploring nature or just enjoying each other’s company, make sure that you schedule time together. One person that often neglected in this juggling act is you. If you want to turn your stress into success, you need to also prioritize yourself and your wellbeing.

Employ the Art of Delegation At Home

For many adults, there is a lot of pressure around managing their own lives, professionally and personally while also managing their children’s lives. It can feel like an uneasy balancing act; however, you can employ a tactic that is often used in the workplace. Don’t be afraid to delegate at home. Giving your children age-appropriate responsibilities, developing a clear delineation of chores and setting a schedule for everyone can optimize efficiency at home and improve your time management at home.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask for Help

There are only so many hours in a day and you are only one person; however, many adults struggle with this. It is critically important you learn to ask for help. It can often take a community to make it work, so whether you employ assistance at home, ask family or rely on your community, a key lesson is to ask for support. If you want to turn your chaotic balance of professional and personal into a more stable equilibrium, you need to put your ego aside and ask for help.

Another key area that can affect many working families is how they navigate conflict. Not only can conflict lead to undue stress and tension, but this can spill into other areas of your life. Lacking cohesive conflict resolution skills can also lead to long-term challenges in relationships. If you want your family to thrive, you need to learn to navigate conflict together so that you can all move forward positively.

Manage Your Expectations

A significant amount of dissatisfaction for many parents and guardians derives itself from unrealistic expectations. If you have untenable and unattainable goals, regardless of the area of your life, you will likely be unhappy. Instead of setting yourself up for failure with unmanageable expectations, be kinder and more compassionate to yourself and know that you are doing your best.

For many families, managing the evolving and ever-changing aspects of their interconnected lives can be stressful and difficult. There is no arguing that; however, there are many strategies to help live happier and healthier lives. If you want to thrive instead of just survive, you too can make a positive change.