Stocking Stuffers for the Family


One of the most fun parts of Christmas Day is getting the stockings down from the mantle and taking out all gifts one by one. Each handful brings a new surprise. If you’re stumped on what to pack into that big Christmas sock to make it swell, check out a few of these stocking stuffer ideas for the whole family.

Personal Care Items

Travel size shampoos, conditioners and body wash are all well received especially if they are nicer than the hotel freebies. Hit the travel-sized bins at the local drug store and stock up on mini mouthwashes, tiny tissue packs and dainty deodorants. Flight-compliant empty travel bottles are also nice for those who like to stick with their own product when they travel. Small sewing and first aid kits are also perfect for travelers or campers.

Beauty Products

Sparkly nail polish is perfect for stockings. Give your gal the option of flashy nails for New Year’s Eve. Lipsticks, lip balm packs and single eye shadows are also fun. Packs of new ponytail holders along with festive barrettes or clips are easy to find at any drug store. Everyone in the family could benefit from a facemask. Personalize the type you get to each family member such as clear skin focused for teens or moisture rich for adults. For smaller kids, look out for silly animal-shaped masks that contain all-natural ingredients.


You can’t fit a new outfit in a stocking, but you can certainly fit in a couple pairs of socks with your relative’s favorite animal or food on them. If your son or daughter isn’t into silly socks, consider instead a couple pairs of nice no-show athletic socks with their favorite logo. Little girls will love tights with silly designs. Ties and lighter scarves work well also because they can be rolled up and carefully placed into the toe of the stocking. Mittens always get lost, so include an inexpensive pair in a bright color in each person’s stocking.

Kitchen Equipment

For foodies or young adults living on their own, kitchen items make great stocking stuffers because of their shape. Anything long and skinny fits well into the main part of the stocking. Wooden spoons, spatulas, cocktail spoons or measuring spoons all slide in easily. Smaller items like jiggers, tiny liquor bottles, timers and specialty salts are fun additions for the over 21 crowd.

Art Supplies

Everybody loves a new set of markers. If the box doesn’t fit in the stocking, drop the markers in individually. The box can always be left under the tree as if Santa had the problem fitting it in. Small notebooks for sketching complement the markers nicely. For teens, buy a couple of packages of highlighters or nice pens such as the type with an erasable cap. For real artists, a supply of specialty drawing pencils works well. Small staplers and other office supplies such as tape and fun paper clips are perfect for kids who like to play in the office as well as adults who actually have an office.


Traditional stockings often held nuts and a piece of fruit which would have been considered a luxury to some hard-working people. Now, the empty spaces in the stockings can be filled with chips and candy. A small variety pack of lunch chips ensures that everyone will get one bag of chips they like. Favorite candies can include a king-sized chocolate bar or a scattering of smaller candies such as Hershey’s Kisses. Don’t forget a pack of everybody’s favorite gum or mints.


Nobody will be disappointed if they pull out a gift card to their favorite coffee place or fast-food restaurant. It’s even more fun if there are a selection of $5-10 cards. Cash is always welcome as well. Roll up four or five $5 bills and tie them each with a ribbon dropping them into the stocking in different places.

Most kids and adults love the anticipation of opening their stockings on Christmas Day. Help create a fun experience with the perfect tiny presents.