Staying Busy Through the Summer With Children


Summertime is something everyone enjoys and looks forward to, both adults and kids alike. School-age children think those months are the best because they don’t have to do school and are able to just play all day, every day. While it’s amazing for kids, parents may struggle with keeping them happy and busy the entire summer. Vacations can be great to go on, but they only last so long. Summer tends to mean freedom, but it’s also a great time to instill some healthy habits into your kids. Here are a few things you can do to ensure your kids are busy and getting a wholesome summer.

Have Them Exercise

It’s important that kids get out and exercise during the summer. While they probably have some sort of PE class they are required to take during the school year, it’s vital that they do various activities while they are home. Make your kids go out and play outside as much as possible during those sunny, warm days. Whether you create your own gym class or have your kids swim in the pool all summer, letting them out for fresh air and exercise will help them stay healthy and fit.

Watch Their Diet

It’s easy to get into the habit of eating junk food whenever you want during the summer because there is rarely any set schedule. At school, kids only get certain times of the day to eat, so you pack their lunch accordingly. Set certain limits and portions for what and how much food your kids can eat each day. You should also try to buy snacks that promote healthy eating habits. While you shouldn’t starve your child, you can introduce them to the fundamentals of eating right.

Limit Their Screens

Because of the various technologies that exist, it’s rare not to find kids watching some type of screen. While it may seem like the easiest way to keep kids occupied, too much time on them can be more of a hindrance than a help. Summer should be spent being active and letting out energy, not sitting around doing virtually nothing. Set a daily time limit for how much screen time they can have. This should include things like tv, phones, and video games.

Send Them to Camps

Attending different summer camps can be a great way to help ensure kids have a fun summer. There are several types one can attend, ranging from sports to dance to art. Each one specializes in its own things, but they offer kids the chance to learn some things, as well as make some new friends. Some offer half-day schedules, while others are all day for weeks at a time. These can also be helpful if you are working throughout the summer and don’t want to put your kids in daycare or hire a full-time nanny.

Make Them Work

Having your children work throughout the summer is a good way to teach them character and let them earn some money. There are several things you could do to help them make money, but there are also several types of places they could work for. Lawn cutting services are great for teenagers as it will get them outside and keep them moving. Not to mention all of the benefits of a clean fresh lawn! Starting a lemonade or bakery stand is a great thing for younger kids to be able to do.

Give Them a Bedtime

A bedtime routine, although probably hated, is one of the most important things you should have during the summer. It’s tempting to let your kids stay up all hours of the night doing whatever they want, but this isn’t good for them physically or mentally. Kids need their rest no matter what they say. You can still throw the occasional slumber party or have a late-night movie night, but the average day should call for a good bedtime.

Kids have a lot of energy that can sometimes be exhausting for parents to handle for one day, let alone an entire summer. Incorporating some of these tips can really help you and your kids have the best summer ever.