Spring Family Activities for Families


It’s warming up outside. Winter is almost completely gone and hints of the summer sun can be spotted in the sky. Your family is growing up and it’s time to plan some fun spring activities. The memories you make now will last a lifetime and be cherished as your family matures and advances. This article will help spark some ideas of interesting and unique things you can do with your family to make the most of this year.

Get Outdoors

One of the great opportunities with spring is being able to get outdoors and enjoy the blossoming nature. There are plenty of outdoors activities with fun twists that can make for memorable spring this year. Consider one of my family favorites, the wood-elf hunt. This requires a little planning, some theatrics, and is great fun for any age 10 and under kids who are comfortable with some light hiking. You will need a few supplies to make it work: some tin foil (or aluminum, whichever you have around), a bag of candy (an appropriate amount for however many kids are coming on the hunt), and a park or hiking trail.

Here’s how you set up.

First, an adult prepares the foil into little balls about the size of a pea (this is meant to emulate empty candy wrappers). The adult then goes out to the trail where the wood-elf hunt takes place and creates a trail of “empty candy wrappers” with the foil balls. This trail is made by placing a few of the wrappers at the base of a tree or rock. Whichever side of the tree or rock they are on indicates the direction the hunters need to go to find the next marker in the trail. As the trail gets closer to the end, each marker will have more and more foil balls. At the end of the trail, hide the stockpile of actual candy for the hunters to find. While one adult is setting up the trail, another will be getting the kids ready for the hunt. This is where your theater skills come into play. You explain to the kids that there are wood-elves who live out at [wherever you are setting up the hunt] and that they are very messy and leave their candy wrappers behind. You need the kids’ help to go clean up the trash left behind by the elves, and if they look hard enough, the kids might find the elves’ stash of candy. Then, you take the children out to the place where you have the trail set up and teach them how to follow the markers from one to the next. Then follow behind as they excitedly explore and clean up the foil balls until they find their prize.

Get Colorful

Spring is also a fun time to experiment with color. Activities like tie-dying shirts, or painting eggs for Easter are classics. But there are other adventurous routes with color that can be lots of fun. Consider hair dyeing. You can add colorful highlights to your kids’ hair and have them add some to yours. You don’t need to worry about the dyes lasting too long either. There are great selections of temporary hair dyes that will wash out after a day or two, letting you put together this activity for a weekend. As you select colors, consider what natural hair colors you are working with. Shades of blonde hair will react differently to dyes than darker shades. And if you like the look that comes out of the activity, you can always spring for more permanent dyes later.

Get Technological

Do your kids like to spend time on their electronics? I thought so. Help your kids learn new skills with their screens by making a music video. Find out what one of their favorite songs is and have them come up with ideas for a music video. Most mobile devices with a camera can capture video and most tablets can run basic video editing software. The end video might not be ready for the good old days of MTV, but this activity can help your kids find other constructive interests that their draw to electronics can fuel.

This spring is the perfect time to make some unique memories with your family. Go try new things, whether outside, with colors, or using technology. The time you spend with your kids now will be the happiness you cherish for the rest of your life.