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Mom Cars of 2019-The Five Best Cars for Moms
Mom Cars of 2019-The Five Best Cars for Moms

In this video I review my selections for the best "mom cars" of 2019. My selections are: Toyota Corolla Hatchback with 6-speed manual transmission Kia Stinge...


Do you need extra space in your car for your growing family? If you have a large family or lots of children, you may find yourself running out of room in your current vehicle. Even if you only have one or two children, you may often find yourself picking up their friends for sleepovers or bringing them to sporting events. If you have no children, maybe you like to travel and want to bring your friends or co-workers along. There are many reasons why you may need extra space in your car.

What factors should you consider?

It can be a difficult task in finding the right car for your needs. There are many things to think about when purchasing a new vehicle. You want something big enough for plenty of people, but you also want comfort and reliability. If you have many small children, you may want to find something that has an interior with an easy to clean surface. Leather is a plus when searching for a material that is easy to maintain cleanliness. Little children can manage to get everything sticky and knock over their drinks from the holders. It can be chaos, so make sure to get a vehicle with many east to clean features. If you need extra storage for your car, you should also note the capacity of your trunk. A big trunk that can hold alot will come in handy for travel to store all your luggage. Also it will be spacious enough to fit your bags from hefty trips to the grocery store.

Which type of vehicle should you buy?

When searching for your new vehicle, you must decide what kind to purchase. Sedans are the most common type you will find when searching for a family car. They have four doors and enough space to fit your basic needs. You can also look into buying an affordable large suv, or sports utility vehicle. SUVs offer more space and cargo than sedans. You have much better visibility also because the driving position is much higher. They provide much more support when driving through bad weather and snow. There off-roading performance is much better and easier than a sedan. If you want to travel and need to pull a boat, suvs would be a better way to go. Most suvs handle like a truck giving them a more rigid driving experience. However, many new models announced are much more similar to a car as far as the smoothness and they are constantly producing new features and crossovers. Although many people don’t rely on them as much nowadays, minivans are also a choice for more space. If you have small children, a minivan may be something you want to consider too. The sliding door features that minivans have make them a top choice in child safety. It makes it much more easy to get your small children in and out of, and when loading up with extra baggage. New editions of minivans feature a button which allows you to operate the doors from your drivers seat. Many new advancements have been made with minivans and they continue to have many great features for families with children.

It all comes down to your personal choice:

You should think of all of the above factors and let them weigh on your mind as you consider which vehicle is right for you. They are all good and functional choices. When purchasing a new vehicle, it is wise to not only think of your current situation, but your future as well. If you will be building your family over the next few years, you must find something big enough to suit your needs.