Six Rainy Day Activities To Do As a Family


Making time to spend with your family is very important. However, sometimes factors like the weather fail to cooperate.Although it might be difficult to go outside to have fun, there are still plenty of options to create laughs and memories with your children. Here are a few ideas for rainy day activities to keep you busy.

Game Day

One way to keep little ones busy indoors is to find a game to play with them. It can be as simple as a favorite board game or puzzle. You might find one that requires the participants to work together instead of against each other so that there will be less of a chance of feelings being hurt. If you have extra room, you can play a more physical game to keep you moving like tag or hide and seek. If they are older and enjoy figuring out puzzles, you can set up your very own escape room in your house and let them determine the answers to the riddles within the allotted hour.

Face the Elements

If there is just a light drizzle or snow falling outside, you might consider going outside anyway. Find your kids rain pants or snow gear and let them chase after snowflakes or dance in the puddles. This gives them a chance to appreciate nature even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds. You can also use it to teach them about this sort of weather and the nuances that go with it.

Movie Day

Another great rainy day activity is to watch movies. You can rent a movie or stream them from a service. If you are willing to brave the weather outdoors, pack up your family and get seats at the local movie theater where you can watch the stories play out on the big screen. If you are feeling creative, help your kids write, produce and film their own movie. Have them collaborate together to figure out a plotline, help them design scenery, then use a video camera or the video app on your phone to film them as they perform. This will create a memory for them and you that will last for years.

A Day of Learning

Spending a day at a museum can get you away from the inclement weather and let your children learn in the process. A children’s museum will have hands on activities so they can use their imaginations while they learn. Many of the exhibits are designed to let you join them in what they are doing. You can also take them to the aquarium so they can see fish and other aquatic life up close. A planetarium gives them a chance to explore the universe as well as learn other information about the world we live in.

Make Treats

Teaching your children how to cook can also pass the time on a rainy day. If they are too young to work with the oven or stove, you can start them with something simple like rice krispie bars. Mix a batch of sugar cookie dough and roll it flat for them. Give them cookie cutters so they can press them into the dough so you can bake them. Tap into their creative side and give them some frosting so they can decorate the cookies before they eat them. If they are older, you can have them help you make cupcakes or other desserts. This will give them a chance to learn measurements and how they might have to convert them especially if you are making double batches.

Burn Some Energy

If everyone seems a little energetic to be cooped up in the house all day, you might want to look for an indoor fun park to let them wear themselves out. You can consider a trampoline park where they can bounce around and play with other items while they do so. If there is one nearby, you can also spend time with them in an indoor water park where you can all enjoy the water as a family.