Six Building Blocks for Great Parenting


If you were to ask someone if they're knocking it out of the park as a parent, you'd probably be greeted with some laughs, sighs or even tears. You already know that parenting is no joke. It's a job that you can never clock out of with demands that are always changing, often without warning. So buckle up, and check out these six building blocks for great parenting.

Be a Parent, Not a Friend

If there's one thing you put on repeat in your mind, let it be this... you need to be your child's parent, not their friend — and because of that, your child might not be your biggest fan at times. Be consistent and fair with discipline, set clear boundaries and rules for the home and always follow through no matter what.

Set a Good Example

Becoming the best version of yourself is a huge part of great parenting. When you're feeling healthy and content overall, your child will also reap the benefits. With the Thrive Experience, you'll be given the tools you need to improve your physical and mental health over the course of eight weeks. You'll have the opportunity to fuel your body nutritionally, become stronger and healthier, and even improve your sleep. But just like with parenting, there is no easy route. What you'll gain from this program is what you put in, so stay consistent and dedicated.

Be a Teacher

Every day, your child learns from your actions. Your eight year old will repeat something you wish you hadn't said and you'll kick yourself. This is where you remember that nobody is perfect, and you learn from it and move on. There will also be a time when you'll see your five year old nurturing her doll, just like you do to her and your heart will explode with warm fuzzies. You are the greatest source of knowledge for your child, so do your best to give them good material to learn and grow on.

Provide a Safe Home

Providing a safe home for your child goes beyond smoke detectors and cabinet latches. It's where your child knows they're listened to, protected and understood unconditionally. Establish an open line of communication, because you want your child to feel comfortable confiding in you — and not holding anything back.

Prioritize Quality Time

One of the biggest sources of parental guilt? Not spending enough quality time with children. The good news? You don't need constant togetherness to connect. Carve out chunks of time when you can and give it to your child. Play catch, read a story, roll around in the grass. Just be — truly be with them. In a child's eyes, that time is one of the best gifts ever.

Put Your Phone Down

By now, most people would agree that phone addiction is all too real. And in all fairness, it can be very easy to fall victim in today's constantly connected world. But when it comes to parenting, it's a habit you should try to break. Start small by setting parameters such as no phones in the living room during family time, or absolutely no phones during meals. Giving your child a heads up that you're working on decreasing your phone use is a good way they can help hold you accountable.

One of the most important things you should remember when going down the internet rabbithole of parenting tips is that there is absolutely no one way to parent, just as there is absolutely no such thing as a perfect parent. If anyone tells you otherwise, cover your ears and move along. You have the ability to better yourself every single day, and while you might stumble here and there, what matters is you are trying. Your child will love you even more for that! Have confidence in yourself, track your successes, and enjoy the parenting ride.