Veronica B.

Our service serves us and others. Strengthens us. Over time, fixing and helping are draining, depleting. Over time we burn . Service is currently renewing. Our job itself will sustain us, when we serve. The bottom line, of course, is that we can fix without serving. Without serving, we can help. And we can function without helping or fixing. I believe I would go so far as to say that fixing and helping might often be the job of the self, and service the work of the soul. I had a great experience while I was traveling and serving at the Food and Care Coalition, and I jotted down a few ideas I would like to share about service and healing. If you are watching from the outside, they might look similar, but the experience differs. The consequence is often different, too. Fixing is an experience of mastery and experience, if helping is an experience of strength. A fixer has the illusion of being causal. A server knows he or she is being used and has a willingness larger, something essentially unknown. Helping and fixing are very personal; they are particular, definite and concrete. We help and fix many things that are different within our lifetimes, but we are serving the same thing when we serve. Everybody who has ever served through the history of time functions the identical thing. We are servers of mystery and the wholeness in life. Fixing and helping are the cornerstone of curing, but not of recovery. In 40 years of chronic illness lots of people have assisted me and fixed. All that fixing and helping left me hurt in some important and basic ways. Only service heals. Service rests on the premise that the essence of life is sacred, that life is a sacred mystery which has an unknown purpose. When we serve, we know that we belong to life and to that goal. Serve and protect like you home security systems utility would protect and serve a family. Basically fixing and support are ways of seeing life. We are all connected: All suffering is like all pleasure and my suffering is similar to my joy. The impulse to function emerges naturally and inevitably from this way of seeing.