Raising Kids in a Safe Home

Kevin Gardner

Securing Your Home In More Ways Than One

The children of today are our future for tomorrow. Parents are assigned the task of raising children and molding them into the people they will be as adults. Far too often you turn on the news only to see another school shooting where a teenager has tragically killed kids. When they dig deeper into the shooters past they find that their childhood wasn’t good and they typically were raised in a broken home with a hostile and unsafe environment. Providing your children with a stable and safe home gives them a sense of security that they need in order to develop properly.

Keeping Your Word

You may not know exactly what this means but you can take it for exactly what it says. Keeping your word and doing what you say you’re going to do when it comes to your children lets them know that you are consistent. If you say that you will be home at seven, be home at seven. If you say you’re going to take them out to eat when you get home, do it. This lets them know that they can count on you to stand by your word and this will also filter into their discipline. For example, if they know without a shadow of a doubt they you mean what you say, then they will think twice before they do something they aren’t supposed to do. Knowing that punishment will come if they steal something from the store will make your children stop and think before they actually do it. This could possibly stop them from doing something that would harm others in the future.

Argue Behind Closed Doors

This is a big one, believe it or not because most parents don’t realize that arguing and fighting in front of your children damages there since of security. When children see their parents argue, especially violently, they no longer feel safe and this could make them act out at school and at home. We are a society that learns behaviors from watching others. Children will watch and learn from their parents and copy what they do. If they see fighting all the time they will want to fight if they see two parents loving each other and getting along then they will be peaceful. The things that children learn as adolescents follow them into their adult life.

Securing Your Home

You can provide a loving and safe home for your family all day long but you have to think about the outside world as well. You can only control what you do and unfortunately we can’t control other people’s actions so we have to be proactive and be prepared for any situation. Wireless Security Cameras will actually serve multiple purposes for you. It will protect you from criminals and it will also help hold your children responsible for what they do when you aren’t there. You can strategically place these cameras throughout your home so that you can monitor the interior and exterior. Sensors can be placed on doors and windows that will alert if they are opened. Furthermore, you can log into the security cameras from any smartphone or computer and you can have a live view of what is going on at home. Most of the systems have a recording option as well so if you wake up to a vandalized car in your driveway you can go back and look at the tapes to see the activity from the previous night. In case of a burglary you can also turn over the tapes to the authorities so that they can find the individuals responsible and hold them accountable.