Parenting Tips: How to Take Care of Your Kids' Hair

Loretta Jane

Hair can change our looks, it can bring out or enhance one’s beauty or handsomeness, and in the other way round, it can give one a haggard and old looking appearance; whichever one its creates in one is an outcome of the input efforts and time taken to care for the hair and in turn determine how attractive or unattractive we are to people around us and those we come in contact with on a daily basis regardless of our relationship with them. So to say, it’s an outcome of your investment on your child/children to either look neat or unkempt.

Tangled Hair

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what causes tangled hair? Tangled hair is caused by a number of factors which will be discussed in-depth.

Improper Combing

Improper combing could cause damage to the hair especially when the wrong choice of hair is used for a particular hair texture. Example is using a very small brittle comb to comb out a long hair, this may impact pain due to pressure of combing and may stop an individual from combing through properly, also a wrong choice of comb may not walk through the hair length and thickness properly causing hair to tangle while approaching the edge of the hair. This could cause great damage and require a scissors to cut off tangled portions of hair tips and when wrong comb is forced through the hair especially when hair is weak and wet, it causes hair to fall off.

Carrying a Hairstyle for a Long Time

Carrying a particular hairstyle for a long time or just leaving a loose hair without combing for a long period of time, could cause one’s hair to tangle seriously to the extent that combing through may not work due to the fact that some tiny dirt particles, build up round hair thickness and thereby gluing bunch of hair strands together, most times, this glued hair may not separate and eventually hair is pulled off while trying to separate the hair strands with either fingers or comb because hair has been joined together beyond separation, this is mostly common in braided hair which are either too tiny (tiny braids) or kept for a long period of time before loosening hair, this can happen even in just two weeks.

Rough-Handling Hair While Shampooing

Rough-handling hair during shampooing can cause great damage to the hair, when massaging or washing the hair, the tip of one’s fingers need to walk through hairlines in such a manner that it doesn’t cause hair to tangle and while doing this, large bristle comb is required to comb through hair during the process intermittently; when hair is being scrubbed roughly during shampooing, this can cause great damage to the hair to the extent that only a patient and experience person will be the only option to have hair strands separated and great hair loss may be the result.

Improper Drying of Hair

Rough-handling hair during the drying process with a towel can cause hair to tangle, also when blowing the hair, a moderate application of heat and usage of large brittle comb is also required, so while drying, combing is also done in the process, most hair dryers come with combs so when the blower is drying up the hair, the comb is also walking through the hair to prevent it from tangling due to the pressure of the blower.

Not Using Sulfate-Free Products

Shampoos and conditioners that contain harsh chemicals liuke sulfate can damage hair over time. These chemicals cause hair to become dry and brittle, leading to hair breakage, frizz, and split-ends. The solution is to buy your child sulfate-free products that moisturize their hair. Also, make sure you aren’t over-washing your child’s hair. Hair should be washed every 2-4 days, not on a daily basis.


In summary, knowing child’s hair type and proper hair care is very important while bearing in mind the following facts in addition to the above listed causes of hair getting tangled:

  • Weakened hair tip requires trimming otherwise can cause damage to hair resulting in great loss and uneven hair.

  • Wrong choice of hair care products such as hair shampoo, conditioner, and products with high chemical content can cause hair to tangle.

  • Dry hair due to lack of oiling can affect hair so proper application of hair keeps the hair moisturized, prevents tangling, and enhances ease of combing.

  • Not using the correct size or brittle of comb and brush can enhance hair tangling and damage.