New Holiday Traditions to Start with the Family


There are few things better than spending time with loved ones during the holidays. Whether it is the food you enjoy most or gifting friends and family items you know they will love, the memories from these moments will stick around for a lifetime. Another significant aspect of the most wonderful time of the year is looking forward to the family traditions that come along with the holidays. If you are looking to add a few more customs to your family's celebrations, keep reading. Here are a few fun family traditions that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Quirky Gift Exchange

Aside from traditional presents, a quirky gift exchange could make for a fun family tradition. With this idea, could you do a White Elephant type get together, where each person brings a gag gift. You could even apply rules to the presents everyone has the bring, holiday socks one year, and a bottle swap the next. This type of fun family custom can bring a surprising amount of laughs, and you just may be searching Amazon for weeks on end to find the right item.


A huge part of enjoying time with loved ones is your favorite sweet treats that are only made around the holiday season. If you and your family thoroughly enjoy baking, decorating cookies or trying new dishes every year, then it looks like your new family tradition is a no brainer. Spending time in the kitchen not only yields delicious food, but it also makes for an excellent opportunity to keep family recipes alive and remember the people who gave them to you.

A Party

An annual holiday party is a great time to get everyone you care about in the same place. Unlike Christmas with the Kranks, you can give yourself plenty of time to prepare for this event to ensure it is something your guests look forward to every year. You can enjoy a potluck style meal and games, but most importantly, you can catch up with friends and family that you may not have spent as much time with the last couple of months. If the idea of hosting a party stresses you out a bit, just remember sometimes less is more. Your get-together does not have to be a fancy, expensive ordeal for your visitors to have a blast.

Put Together a Photo Album

You can capture every memory with an instant print camera and photo album labeled for each year. As you get older, the days all seem to run together; this way, you can be sure to remember every detail. Not to mention, this is a fun way to document new additions to the family and can be something you show to your kids and grandkids. Imagine you carried this tradition through ten years. After a decade, you will not believe how things have changed. One day, these pictures will be priceless moments in time that would have otherwise been forgotten.

Take a Trip

How amazing would it be to spend the holidays at your favorite vacation spot every holiday season? If this sounds like a dream come true for you, then a new family tradition may have just been discovered!

Game Night

Spending a night playing Uno or Monopoly with those you love most is a good option if you and your loved ones enjoy a little friendly competition. Nights like these are certainly not days you want to take for granted. You may eventually start wishing you can get them back.

It is easy to get distracted by making plans for the holidays, but it is always important to spend quality time with the ones you love during these special moments. This may mean spending time away from your phones to be present with each other or adopting one of the traditions above to carry on each year. Either way, family time should be an essential aspect of the holidays.