Making Trick Or Treating Fun For Everyone


Tips For Trick Or Treating!

Today we are looking at ways that you guys can make trick or treating extra fun!

These days when you take the kids out trick or treating it can seem like it is a military operation with how much planning has to go into it. Well, do not worry as I have for you some simple tips that will help you get through the night, have fun and defeat any evil ghosts that get in your way.

Let The Kids Pick Their Costumes

Look, I swore that I was going to be that parent that handmade all of the kids Halloween costumes and I really did try. But in all honesty, kids really do not care! Do not get me wrong, if you have the talent then a homemade Buzz Lightyear is always going to look better than the cheap plastic mask you can buy at Walmart. But if your kid really wants that cheap 9.99 Darth Vader costume from Walmart let them get it. Halloween is their night so letting them pick who they want to dress up as is a huge part of the fun. Forcing a kid to wear a particular costume is a surefire way to have one grumpy little trick or treater on your hands. If you have kids who are shy, a mask is a great way for them to trick or treat and not feel quite as shy so also think about that.

Make Sure Each Child Has Their Own Candy Bag!

Oh, I cannot stress this one enough. A couple of years back, I took four kids trick or treating. My great idea was that having just one large bag for all the candy and then sharing it when we got home was the easiest way. Boy was I wrong, the negotiating, the fighting and the hour long arguments over who got what candy was just not worth it. I am lucky that this particular year, none of the costumes had any weapons! Giving each kid their own candy bag lets them know that, that is their candy and also it is super cute when they are really little and carrying their own bag.

Make A Plan On Where You Are Going To Go

You do not have to travel the whole neighborhood to have a good time trick or treating. This is especially true if you have younger kids who may run out of steam. I find that making a plan on where you are going to go before you leave the house is the best way to go. I usually try and plan it so we walk around one side of the street, hit one area and then make it so we come back the other side of the street, which leads us back to our house. By making a plan you can also make sure you avoid any scary houses or houses you know are not into Halloween.

Head Out At The Right Time

Most older kids will want to wait until it is dark to go trick or treating, but if you have younger kids, I have always felt that right after dinner is a good time to go. Most people are home from work, have a good stockpile of candy and also it is not as scary for the younger kids if it is not really, really dark. The flip side of this is if you have older kids, my stepson, for example, is now 12 and he is far too cool to go out trick or treating with the rest of us, but he likes it better when it is dark.

Know When To Let Them Go On Their Own

I love trick or treating with the kids it is as much my thing as it is theirs! But this is a very limited time kind of deal so enjoy it while you can. I already have one child who wants to just go with his buddies and I have a few more who are getting real close to that age. You have to know as a parent when they are ready to go trick or treating by themselves and when they are, make sure they know where they can and cannot go and what kind of weapons they need to use in case of a vampire or zombie attack.

Have Halloween Rules

Halloween is all about fun, but setting the rules before you leave the house can save you any headaches and pains in the butt. Rules should be things like no eating candy before we get home to check it. Always say trick or treat when someone answers the door, always say thank you and just take on