1. The Importance of Nutrients

Since you will be providing life-sustaining nutrition to your developing baby, it is important to get as much natural, high-quality food as possible and fill in any gaps with a good prenatal vitamin such as Prenatal Plus. Taking supplements while pregnant will not only help with fetal brain and organ development, it will also give you a boost in health. Carrying a growing human in your body for nine months can be draining to your energy and sap your system’s stores of minerals. Feeling healthier will let you enjoy your pregnancy, make good choices and create lifelong memories.

2. Break Bad Habits

Life will change drastically with the baby's arrival, so now really is the best time to get into healthy habits and say goodbye to anything that does not serve your well-being. In addition to healthy eating, you can also begin better sleeping patterns, start an exercise routine and spend less time in front of the television. And if you smoke or drink, definitely cease those activities right away. Anything that is harmful to your body will also be harmful to your baby. Chemical intake is even harder on small, developing bodies. Caffeine is also a substance that you will need to cut back on, if not cut out altogether - at least temporarily. Too many cups of coffee can impact your heart rate, which in turn has an effect on your baby. Once the big day has passed - unless you are breastfeeding - you can go back to your daily java fix.

3. Check Up and Check In

During this important time, you will also want to find a doctor who makes you feel at ease and is willing to answer all of your questions. Once you are an established patient, feel free to call his or her office with any questions or concerns, no matter how silly you think they may be. If you have found someone that you trust and have developed a good rapport, it will be easier to take their advice and rest easily in the knowledge that your best interests are always of the utmost importance. Keep your checkup appointments, obtain the recommended screenings and take any orders seriously. Your doctor will be one of your biggest allies on this journey.

4. Don’t Stress

While it is completely expected and natural to feel anxiety during pregnancy, try to keep these episodes to a minimum. Emotional distress is felt by the baby, and giving in to your negative feelings will not accomplish anything but stress. Your blood pressure increases, and you are more likely to fall into depressive cycles. The best thing to do is to focus on what your baby needs, and to feel the love and hope that comes from your unbreakable bond. Take the time to unwind whenever you can, practice deep breathing and surround yourself with supportive people who understand that you may need them a bit more now.

Becoming a mother is rewarding, and watching your baby change and develop every day makes it all worth it. Remember that you are strong and capable, and you will handle anything that motherhood throws your way. You may have “off days”, and there will probably be plenty of sleepless nights. But there is no love like that of a mother for her child. Bask in it, and embark on the most important adventure of your life.