Make the Most of Your Home with an Addition


If you're looking for different ways to add value to your home while allowing you to maximize your space, it may be time to consider a home addition. Building an addition on your home can provide you and your family with a beautiful new space to enjoy time together while also increasing its overall value if you ever decide you want to sell. Maybe you've never completed a home remodel before or one on a larger scale and you aren't sure which addition type will offer the most return value and right space for you and your family. Here are some of the most popular home additions to consider for your next project.

Inground Pool

Perhaps you've always dreamed of owning a pool or you own an above ground pool and would like to take your outdoor summer experience to the next level. Building an inground pool is an excellent way to increase your home's overall value while sprucing up your backyard space and extending your living and entertaining space to the outdoors. There are plenty of inground swimming pools Maryland that provide homeowners with months of enjoyment during the warmer weather and offer an extra wow factor to their homes, making this a great addition idea for the homeowner who has plenty of indoor space but are still looking for added home value.

In-Law Addition

More families are looking for homes that will provide extra space for aging parents to live. Adding an in-law suite to your home provides some extra living space to your home while giving your extra family members some privacy. Whether you add the addition right to your home as a second wing of the house or build an apartment above the garage with plenty of space, you can't go wrong with an in-law addition, which can really add to your home's overall resale value.

Finished Basement

If you have a full basement that's mostly concrete flooring and walls, you're missing out on some prime space in your home that could be leveraged in a number of ways. If your basement is dry and you have no the space, capitalize on the already-built space in your home and finish your basement. With basements, you can do just about anything to them, from creating a family playroom to adding a bar and turning it into a place to entertain guests. Depending on how your basement is built, you may also be able to add additional bathrooms or bedrooms and potentially double your living space. People love homes with finished basements so if you ever plan to sell this could make your home extra attractive to potential homebuyers.

Add a Sunroom

If you're looking to still enjoy the sunshine and outdoors without being exposed to the elements during those colder winter months, then a sunroom might be the perfect addition for you. Sunrooms let in plenty of light, which can be beneficial during those long winter months when people are often stuck indoors due to cold weather. They also provide extra space to entertain guests or can double as a greenroom if you enjoy tending plants but can't leave them outdoors all winter.

Build a Mudroom

Nobody wants dirt and mud tracked around their home, which is why more homeowners are turning to adding mudrooms as an addition to their home. With mudrooms, all the things you bring in the house can stay in one place, whether it's coats, boots, and umbrellas or backpacks. It's easier to find these things when you're on your way out the door because they're all kept together in on space. You may also want to consider doubling the size of your mudroom and adding laundry hookups as well. This can be especially handy if you have little athletes living at home who may not only track dirt in from their sports, but also have dirty equipment that you don't want laying around your home.

No matter what you decide to add to your home, you want to ensure that your addition meets your needs and provides the right solutions for you and your family.