Listen Up, Moms — It's Time for Self Care


As a mom, you know what it means to be selfless. You know what it means to be on call every minute of every day. You know just what to do in almost every situation. To say you're busy is an understatement! And while you're doing the mom thing, it's way too easy to forget about taking care of someone pretty important... you. You can't be your best if that happens, so it's crucial that you make time for self care. Keep reading for ways you can recharge your batteries and be kind to yourself — because you deserve it.

Primp and Polish

Are you always rushing through your morning routine? Do you long for just 10 minutes of peace when you're in the shower? When was your last hair or spa appointment? Chances are you're familiar with all of this and your last appointment was too long ago. While that makes sense considering all you have on your plate, it doesn't mean this has to be your norm. Doing things for yourself here and there to enhance your appearance or make you feel good will boost your self esteem. It's also really great for your mental health. There are things you can do to enhance your natural beauty while simplifying your routine — think eyelash extensions that make your eyes pop so much, you might even be able to skip the mascara. You could even take an eyelash extension course and give all your mom friends a little boost. Who wouldn't love that?

Let Yourself Go

When was the last time you headed out solo to just browse around your favorite store? Can you remember the last time you grabbed a coffee and just enjoyed it (while still hot!) or a cocktail with a friend? While these things might seem like nothing too special... they are. They give you time to relax and step away from the mom role even if just for an hour. There's no schedule and nobody's needs or desires but your own to focus on for that amount of time. Another awesome way to decompress? Hop behind the wheel of the car and just drive. Put on a good podcast you can't listen to when you've got the kids or blast some of your favorite music (bonus points for songs from your glory days!) and sing along. Keep it simple — you don't need a destination. Your mental health will definitely benefit from the break and you'll walk back through your front door feeling refreshed and ready for whatever comes next.

Write it Down

One thing about motherhood is that it's a constant flood of emotions. There are so many ups and downs and twists and turns that it's no wonder you're mentally and physically spent by day's end. One thing that's helpful is to talk it out, but that's not always possible. If you're looking for the next best thing... write it all down. Get yourself a good quality journal and even a fancy pen to write with and let your thoughts go. One of the best things about writing is that it can be a point of reference, especially if you're dealing with anxiety, depression or grief — it can help you identify any patterns or trends that could be useful in managing symptoms in the future. In addition to that, writing in a journal has many other benefits that are wonderful for mental and physical health.

Don't be afraid to take time to yourself. It doesn't mean you love your family any less if you could use a breather from everything. It doesn't make you selfish if you set aside a block of time every weekend to just go out alone. It doesn't make you self centered or vain if you do things to make yourself feel and look beautiful. Bottom line — you deserve the time. Take it!