Last Minute Things To Do With The Kids Before School Starts

Kevin Gardner

It seems you wait all year for summer to roll around and yet before you know it the kids are headed back to school. This year why not take a last minute family vacation before school starts. A nice getaway is the perfect ending to a warm summer. Below are a few simple things you can do to get away for a few days before the everyday grind of school starts.


Camping is a great last minute vacation because it can be cheap and easy when it needs to be. Camping in a resort or cabin is typically the most unique and fun way to camp but if that is out of price range try simply camping in your backyard or in a friend or family members backyard if they have the space to offer. Buy or rent a small tent and grab some pillows and blankets and head outdoors. For activities bring along books and board games and pack a bag of snacks and drinks that can be easy to eat on the go. Some great options would include fruit such as apples and bananas as well as veggie sticks and even some granola bars and cookies. For a good old-fashioned campout why not make s'mores and tell some ghost stories before sleeping under the stars.

The Beach

Although you are probably sick of the beach at this point it is a nice little last-minute trip before the warm weather goes away again. Once the winter weather is upon us, we will once again miss the warm sand and sun of the beach. Instead of making a hassle of it try just having a small picnic on the beach and enjoying the outdoors. Bring along a beach ball or a volleyball for an added activity bonus.


It is no surprise that kids love arcades. They are filled with fun colorful loud video games and cool prizes to win. Not only can kids enjoy arcades but adults can as well. Why not plan a last minute trip to a fun town that offers a cool arcade where kids and parents can both enjoy some fun and adventure. For an added bonus make a competition of it and the best team gets a prize in the end such as picking the spot for lunch or choosing the next activity.


A cruise is the perfect last-minute get away because they are often all inclusive and you never have to plan for activities or meals as everything is right in one location. Most cruises nowadays offer a variety of restaurants and buffets as well as places to go shopping and activities to partake in. Kids as well as adults can enjoy a nice cruise. Pretty much all cruise ships offer some sort of swimming pool, playground, movie theater or other source of entertainment. Many cruise companies will even offer a discount on cruises booked at the end of the summer as they become less popular once people go back to school and work. Cruises are also a great way to educate and introduce children to other cultures and environments.

A nice last minute vacation is great not only for the kids but also for the parents who can use a little more rest and relaxation especially after having kids home all summer. Although starting school can be a fun and interesting adventure for parents as well as kids it also comes with long school days and long homework nights. Getting in all the extra activities and vacations you can now can help make for happier parents as well as happier kids.