Keeping Your Pet Healthy the Natural Way


If you have a pet such as a dog or a cat, you know the deep bond that animals can create with animals. Your pet trusts you, cuddles with you as you watch TV in the evenings and gets really excited when you come home from work. Because of the affection you share, you don’t ever want to see your pet become sick. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent your pet from ever having health problems. However, you can delay certain types of sicknesses by giving your pet the healthiest all-natural foods. Furthermore, if your pet does become sick, you can aid its treatment with remedies derived from plants and other natural sources.


Buying pet food in a huge bag or lots of little cans from the grocery is the approach most people take. Like humans, though, processed food is not the best option for pets. It has preservatives to help it stay fresh and often contains extra calories that have no nutritional value. You can buy organic food at some grocery stores or online, or you can order a special brand that has far fewer preservatives than larger brands. Before making any changes to your pet’s diet, talk to your veterinarian. He or she should be able to recommend certain brands. Your vet can also point you towards or caution you against certain trends in the constantly changing food business. For example, a gluten-free diet may not be the best option for your Great Dane.

If you wish to completely avoid preservatives, you can purchase fresh products from your grocery store when you get your own food. Every species has specific allergies, so know your pet’s food restrictions inside and out before you deviate from prepared foods. For example, if you have a dog, do not feed them Macadamia nuts as a source of protein, since these nuts are extremely toxic for them. On the other hand, most cooked meats are fine for dogs to eat. Just make sure that the meat is off the bone so that your pet does not chew the bone and swallow sharp shards of it. As with any dietary change, speak to your vet to find out what he or she advises. You may need to keep more careful track of your pet’s vitamin and protein intake since you will not be able to simply read the nutrition facts. You must be prepared for a lot more effort if you decide to cook your pet’s food from scratch.


Just like people, pets sometimes have to take medicine. Usually, these treatments come in the form of a pill produced by a pharmaceutical company. Your vet prescribes the medicine and you pick it up in a little orange bottle that has the dosage on the label. Although some people are averse to pills, always give your pet the medication your vet prescribes. Not doing so may shorten or end your pet’s life or cause it more discomfort. However, if you feel as if your pet needs more help than its medication provides, consider one of these all-natural treatments. Just be sure to check that the natural chemicals in the treatments do not interfere with any pharmaceutical medications.

Hemp is a kind of fiber found in cannabis. You have probably read about it in the newspaper as states pass legislation about the legality of the different forms of cannabis. However, the oil from hemp sold by most companies is legal almost everywhere in the United States. It contains the drug cannabidiol, or CBD, which will not make you or your pet high. Instead, this drug can treat symptoms of arthritis such as joint pain. Arthritis often occurs in older dogs but can develop at any age. Watch for swelling at the joints and limping or whimpering when your pet walks. CBD can also help your pet relax if it has anxiety—yes, pets can have anxiety! The symptoms may be harder to spot since pets cannot speak. Watch for excessive lethargy or sudden changes in sleeping and eating patterns. As in humans, depression may result from a major change to the pet’s environment or lifestyle, or it may simply develop. If you are interested in treating your pet’s symptoms of anxiety or pain in a natural fashion, you can safely buy CBD online.

Chronic pain in pets is heartbreaking. You may hear your pet whining or see that it is favoring certain limbs. If you are seeking a new all-natural way to address this pain, consider acupuncture. You may have heard your friends or family members speak about this treatment. It involves a doctor or other physician putting tiny needles into the patient’s body to ease pain. The science behind this practice is not clear, but it can provide real benefits. Check with your vet to find locations where you can take your pet. Do not just show up to an acupuncturist and assume that they treat animals. If your pet does not respond well to shots, this treatment might not work. However, acupuncture does not involve chemicals and has very few risks, so it is worth considering as part of an all-natural treatment plan.

Another form of treatment that is not exclusive to humans is aromatherapy. You may have a friend who has a diffuser that spreads essential oils throughout his or her house. The same essential oils may help your pet get over joint and muscle pain as well as build up its immune system. Each kind of oil is distilled from a different plant. Just like you may use a dried herb for healthful tea, the essential oils made from plants carry specific health benefits. However, pets may be allergic to some oils, so check before beginning a treatment plan with them. You should also be aware that if your pet is lactating or has breathing issues, aromatherapy may not be the right treatment. If your pet does not have any allergies, though, the risks of aromatherapy are virtually nonexistent.

For joint and movement problems, consider speaking to a physiotherapist. These professionals work similarly to humans’ physical therapists. Physiotherapists may help your pet to stretch or they may massage its problem areas. If you see a reputable physiotherapist, you will not need to worry about them causing undue pain to your pet. Before these professionals work on your pet’s range of motion, they will address any issues that are paining your pet. If you cannot exercise your pet due to issues with its muscles, physiotherapy may be a good starting place for all-natural treatments. Your pet may still need surgery even with this therapy. However, physiotherapy will increase the surgery’s chances of success and help your pet to recover more quickly afterward.


Ideally, you will take care of your dog and prevent as many illnesses and conditions as possible before they develop. While you can’t stop every problem, these all-natural remedies can promote your pet’s health and keep you out of the vet’s office.

Pets need certain vitamins to function at their healthiest level. While they may obtain everything they need from their food, it is possible for pets to be deficient in nutrients such as Vitamin D. If you notice unusual behavior in your pet, speak to your vet about whether a vitamin deficiency could be responsible. To treat a lack of nutrients, you can add foods to your pet’s diet that are rich in the required vitamins. You can also purchase all-natural vitamin supplements to give to your pet every day.

Exercise is one of the best ways to prevent weight gain and all of its associated health problems, such as heart and bone issues. Nothing is more natural than making sure that your pet gets a healthy level of exercise. After all, all domesticated animals are descended from wild animals who had to hunt or scavenge for their food. What kind of exercise and how long your pet needs to be active depends on its species. For a housecat, making it chase a laser pointer for twenty minutes a day may be sufficient. However, most dog breeds need to chase a ball for half an hour or walk for several miles to stay healthy. If your pet stays at home all day while you go to work, it may easily become sedentary. Do not let laziness on your part keep your pet from its optimal health. Get off the couch and help it exercise; your body will thank you as well for the added physical activity.

Taking care of your pet naturally has many benefits. You will become more involved with your pet since you will have to spend so much more time thinking about and planning for its health. Your pet will be healthier as you step up the level of health treatments you provide. These treatments will be noninvasive and free of manufactured chemicals. Finally, as you shift to basing your pet’s healthcare on natural products, you may find that you start to consider changing your lifestyle as well.