Keeping Your Kids Safe While You Are at Work


When most parents are at work and their children are at home, they worry about their safety. This is especially true during the summer when kids don't have school and parents can't take excess time off of work. While worrying is natural for any parent, there are ways you can put your mind at ease. Those below are some of the most useful and can make all the difference with how you feel while you're at work. In fact, these can help you maintain your focus while reducing your stress as you know your kids are safe.

1. Leave a Phone

While you may not want to give your kids a phone because you're nervous that they'll download apps and play games for hours, it's necessary if they're home alone. This will allow them to contact you if something goes wrong or they need help. This will also allow them to call 911 immediately if an emergency occurs. Since you can block downloads or even buy a prepaid phone for calls only, there are many ways to prevent your kids from unnecessary calls and games.

2. Prepare Food

Older kids can easily use a microwave but are unlikely to be able to use an oven. To avoid the dangers of oven use, prepare food ahead of time or only buy foods that can be cooked in the microwave. Sandwiches and chips are great options, especially since these don't require much preparation if you cut everything up in advance. You can also order pizza before you leave and they can reheat it while you're gone.

3. Security System

With a security system in place, both you and your kids will have more peace of mind when they're home alone. Once this is installed, you'll be able to set the alarm so you know for certain nobody is going in or out. However, it's important to teach them how to use the alarm just in case they need to open a door or window that's equipped with a sensor.

If you want to get something even easier to use, newer home security systems that come with smartphone apps are incredibly useful. These let you change settings and see alerts right from your phone. You can even arm and disarm from your phone to cater to your children's needs.

4. Find a Trusting Neighbor

If you have a trusted neighbor nearby, talk to them about your kids being home alone. With this information, they can keep an eye on your home and even stop by to check on the kids throughout the day to make sure they are okay. Your kids can also trust them for help if they need something, which can lower their stress if they're nervous. Just make sure your neighbor is physically and mentally able to help, as some older neighbors may be burdened by the task to help watch your kids.

Tip: You can also hire a babysitter to stop by for a couple of hours while you're at work. Even if they just help with lunch or errands that can help make the day go more smoothly and give you peace of mind.

5. Install Cameras

An additional security measure you can take is to install cameras inside and outside of your home. Most of these now work with smartphone apps, so you will be able to view live footage right from your office. Video doorbells are also useful because you can see anyone who knocks on the door and talk directly with them instead of having your kids answer. If you want to always have an extra "eye" on your kids, then cameras will be investments you will never regret.

Keep Working Without Worry

With the security solutions above, you'll know for certain that your kids are safe and sound while you're at work. This can allow you to get things done and focus so you can work as efficiently as possible. This can also mean not having to deal with the stress of bringing your kids to work so you can keep things professional.