Keeping Up With Active Kids


Active kids can feel like a handful when they're running through the house bouncing from one activity to another. For parents, this might be the most stressful time of the day. How can they keep their active kids entertained in a safe way that still burns off all their extra energy? There's a lot of ways! From going outside to indoor movement games, active kids can find fun in just about anything, so the key is to get them to focus on something that burns off enough of their energy for them to have quiet time later. Here are a few ways to keep up with an active kid.

Keep Kids Moving

Even if you don't have a rawlings baseball glove or new soccer ball, there are still plenty of ways to keep kids active until they poop out on their own. The key to get kids on board with a new plan is to focus on the things they find fun. If a child loves zipping around the house at top speeds, take him to a track, field, or park nearby and let him run to his heart's content. If the child likes exploring and gathering things from nature, consider taking a hike and letting them wander around the trail finding all the mementos they can fit in their pockets. A key to getting kids on board with outdoor activities is limited screen time in the house. When given the option, most kids will opt to sit in front of the television all day long because it's more engaging and entertaining for them. Limiting screen time to set windows during the day helps to train an active child to know they have to rely on their imagination to express themselves and their energy, which makes it easier to convince them to spend time away from screens. Another huge help in this endeavor is the parent setting the tone for the house. Kids want to be like mom and dad, so if the parents are excited about exercising and having fun outside, then the kids will follow suit. Including every member of the family in active time is a great way to bond siblings, spend time with each other, and take a break from the fast-paced world always demanding attention. The best place for active kids is outside because their options are endless and their imagination can rule.

Indoor Options

Sometimes getting out of the house just isn't an option. Rainy days, thunderstorms, or sick kids are all deterrents to physical activity, and can make entertaining an active child even more difficult. Luckily, there are plenty of indoor games and activities that will keep an energetic young body occupied. One of these is dancing! Put some music on and let the speakers do the work while little ones shake and groove to the beat. Dancing takes up a surprising amount of energy and can tire out any kid quickly. If the child responds better to a game, then play freeze dance. This is similar to musical chairs, except when the music stops everyone has to freeze. You can switch up the songs or play some silly on a loop until everyone drops.

There are even traditional sports you can play in the living room or hallway with a few modifications. A balloon makes a great volleyball when you have a string to tie up as a net. Play this game as long you like and don't let the balloon hit the floor! Soccer is another sport that can be adapted to indoor rules with the right ball. Be sure to choose something like a Nerf ball that won't break any picture frames or damage the wall, and have fun playing in the hallway with a door on either side as the goal.

Active kids can seem like a handful, but giving them plenty of outdoor time or fun indoor activities can help burn off their extra energy.