Keeping Kiddos Warm During the Winter


Winter months can bring upon the beauty of wintry skies, perfect snowfalls and wonderfully crisp air, however, for little ones it is an important time to bundle them up. Children can be particularly vulnerable to the cold and it is easy for them to become too cold, so keeping them wrapped up and warm is essential. Consider some of these winter tips to help keep your little one safe and warm.

Insulating Layers are Important

Layers are an important step for anyone preparing to brave the winter’s cold, but kids need to have appropriate layers. While it can be challenging to know what to dress them in, adding dozens of layers of clothing is not necessary. Try considering just a few additional insulating layers under a warm coat. Adding layers can often add a great deal of bulk and result in your child screaming from being uncomfortable, so consider adding lightweight layers. Fleece is a great option due to its ability to insulate heat without sacrificing breathability while not adding too much weight. The end goal should not be to weigh your child down to the point of immobility, but rather to insulate their body heat to keep them warm.

Waterproof Outerwear

Although it can be cumbersome, waterproof layers of clothing like kids snow suits can help avoid a shivering and cranky child. Keeping your child protected from the elements does not just mean keeping them warm and insulated, but it also includes keeping them dry from the melting snow. By adding a waterproof outer layer, your child’s insulating layers will be protected from soaking in all of the moisture that can stick to the body and send a shiver down the spine. Children often love the magnificence that is a fresh snow, however, it is important to dress them properly. Therefore, before you take the little one out into the snow for their first monumental moment with a powdery, white blanket, consider how to keep them dry and protected from the elements.

Car Seats and Coats

Any parent with a car seat and a child wrapped up in puffy winter wear knows the potential dilemma of securing the child safely in the car. However, the layers that you have chosen to keep them warm can present difficulty, if not hinder that possibility. Before trying to squeeze your child into the car seat with all of their layers on, consider opting for additional lightweight layers like a fleece blanket and a fleece jacket. By removing their bulky clothing options and swapping for a lightweight alternative, you can hopefully provide a more comfortable experience for your child and less frustration as you buckle them in safely.

Keep Heads, Hands and Feet Covered

The extremities of the body can be a vulnerable area that should be covered with a warm and protective layer. Children and adults alike are likely to lose a great deal of heat from their heads, so before you send your child out to make a snow angel, consider adding a warm layer for their head. Additionally, don’t forget to consider their little hands and feet with waterproof layers to avoid catching a chill in their winter wonder.

Limit Time Outside

It is so easy to get lost in the wondrous winter scene, especially as a small child. While the fun and excitement of the frosty world can result in anyone losing track in time, it is important to remain cognizant of the time. The sheer joy of snow and chilly weather can bring a smile to young faces, but if it has been too long of a timeframe, consider taking a break to warm up and then offering to resume play afterward. For older children, a tempting offer is a hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm the belly.

Before venturing out into the wintry marvels, it is important to consider all of the ways that your little one will need to be prepared. While they may not consider how important it is to keep them toasty, consider any of these strategies to help avoid the shivers this season.