Keep your Home Looking Great With These Simple Hacks

Kevin Gardner

Are you looking for ways to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning while keeping your home looking beautiful? If so, there are plenty of cleaning hacks that can help you achieve this goal! Checkout eight cleaning hacks to get you started.

Enjoy a Clean Kitchen Sink

A stainless-steel kitchen sink can start to look cloudy after a few days of use. One helpful cleaning hack for a kitchen sink involves a lemon and some salt. Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle some table salt onto the fleshy part of one of the halves. Next, use the lemon to scrub your stainless-steel kitchen sink. Don’t forget faucet! After scrubbing the entire sink with the lemon, rinse the salt away with warm water. Your sink will shine as well as have a pleasant lemon scent.

Thoroughly Clean the Tile in Your Bathroom

The tile around a bathtub or shower can take on a layer of soap scum relatively quickly. Fortunately, there’s a hack that’s perfect for getting rid of that cloudy, soap scum on your tile. Get an inexpensive dust wand at the grocery store and fill it with a mixture of half dish soap, half white vinegar. Use the dish wand to scrub the tile. Grout cleaning can be done with the help of an old toothbrush and a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. Leave the mixture on the grout for ten minutes before rinsing it away.

Refresh the Look of Your Lampshades

Do your lampshades look a little dusty? If so, try this hack. Take a simple lint roller that’s used on clothing and roll it over your lampshades. It will remove dust, loose hair and other debris leaving behind a clean lampshade.

Clean the Paddles of Your Ceiling Fan

Cleaning a ceiling fan with a broom or dust wand can create another mess when the dust and dirt on the fan’s paddles falls to the ground. Next time you clean your fan, put a pillowcase over each paddle and pull it toward you. This will wipe the dust off each paddle capturing it inside the pillowcase.

Make Your Stainless-Steel Appliances Shine

Does your stainless-steel refrigerator or stove have a lot of smudges on it? This is the downside of having stainless steel appliances. Luckily, there's a hack that can clean smudges off your stainless-steel refrigerator, stove and more. Use a wet cloth with a couple drops of dish soap on it to wash a stainless-steel surface. Dry the surface, then apply a few drops of mineral oil to a cloth and rub it into the stainless steel. The mineral oil will protect the clean surface.

Shine Your Television Screen

A television screen is notorious for attracting dust. So, grab a couple of paper coffee filters from your kitchen and wipe the TV screen with them. Coffee filters are great for absorbing dust while not scratching your television screen.

Get Rid of the Dirt and Dust on Your Baseboards

The baseboard of a wall is right down near the floor of a room. Baseboards catch a lot of dust before it reaches a hardwood floor or carpet. Get a couple dryer sheets from the laundry room and wipe down your baseboards with them. These sheets are made to absorb dust and will leave a fresh scent behind!

Clean Dog Hair Out of Your Carpet

Cleaning dog hair from a carpet is easy with the help of a squeegee. Pull a dry squeegee across a few feet of your carpet. Be sure to press down firmly as you go. Next, vacuum up the dog hair or cat hair that is pulled up by the squeegee.

Try these hacks and make your cleaning work fast and easy. Your house will look like you clean every day!

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