Ideas To Make The Most Out Of Your Pool

Kevin Gardner

Fun, games, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the weather. Those are just a few of the positives of owning a swimming pool. Here are some other ideas on how to make the most out of your pool and have 100% more fun with it.

Therapeutic Floating

Melt away the daily stress by just letting your body float. Pick a time of the day when the weather is neither too cold or too warm. Set your poolside speakers to soft music and make that your “me” time. Floating has great psychological benefits. You do not need a sensory deprivation tub to get the benefits of letting your body float naturally. You can get the same relaxation from a regular pool.

Pool side basketball: You will need hula hoops and an inflatable ball.

Have swimmers line up and hold their hula hoops in the air, with both hands holding the hula right in front of them, in the air. The main player will toss the ball and try to score as many “baskets” as possible.An alternative: Ask swimmers to hold the hula hoops straight in the air with both hands so that the hula hoops make a kind of tunnel when the players come together. Place bets on who can throw the ball fast enough to cross the entire tunnel of hula hoops.

Super Soaking Pool Table: You will need super soaking guns, and floating objects

Place floating objects on the pool, from rubber ducks, to small floating cup holders. Assign points to each object. Also assign a designated area for each item. Use super soaking guns to move things floating on the pool. Take turns trying to move the objects by blowing air or water from the super soaking guns on each object, at a distance, until they float to the areas where they are supposed to go.

Marco Polo: You will need a blindfold and very stern rules about playing nice

A traditional pool game, Marco Polo is kind of like a version of “Bird Box.” A blindfolded swimmer calls out the name “Marco,” while swimmers return the name: “Polo” and move around the pool looking to see if the blindfolded person can catch them just by hearing their voice. Play carefully and be sure to make rules prior to the game.

30-Minute Cardio: All you need is your body!

What better way to burn up to 700 calories (depending on your weight) than having fun in the water. Just set a time in the day where you swim at your own pace, making sure that, above everything else, you have fun.

Synchronized Dancing

Flash mob? Why not plan a water dance and bring the Rockette out of you and your squad. Pick a cool song, practice together, and be sure to get your smartphone rolling for some amazing videos.

Scuba 101

Guess where scuba diving lessons are first held? In a swimming pool. Call the local scuba school and ask for private lessons in your own swimming pool for you, or your entire family.What are your favorite activities to do in your swimming pool? Is it your personal “gym,” or the place to watch sports in the most refreshing way? Do you have your area decorated in a theme? Share some ideas with us or submit pictures of your own swimming pool. Share the joy!

Owning a Pool

Owning a swimming pool may be the most exciting part of home ownership. Think about your home swimming pool as your personal oasis, where you can spend hours refreshing under the sun with friends, neighbors, and family members alike.If you think that it is too expensive to own your very own personal, or family swimming pool, think again. It has never been easier for companies finance swimming pools at excellent rates. Plus, the pools themselves do not have to be extravagant to do the job they are supposed to do: bring people together. An average swimming pool can be as low as $7,000, depending on your city’s prices. The rest of the options are as unique as you.