How to Teach Your Kids to be Healthy


The rates of child obesity are rapidly increasing. Since the 1960’s the number have more than tripled. We’re living in a world where it is becoming harder and harder to teach children to be healthy and to avoid the sugar and cupcakes given out in the schoolyard. Obesity is dangerous for children and often extends into their adulthood as well. So, rather than set our kids up for failure when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, let’s teach them now. That being said, here are 5 ways to teach your children to be healthy (without forcing the broccoli onto the fork).

1. Get Your Kids Involved in a Vegetable Garden

For a kid, there are few things more exciting than planting a tomato plant and then picking the fruit from that same plant one month later. If you don’t already have a garden, start a garden. By having your kids grow the vegetables that they eat, they will feel a sense of commitment to then eating the fruits and vegetables that they grew. This also promotes your children to get outside and work under the sun. They will gain experience with planting seeds, potting dirt and pulling weeds. In the best case scenario, your kids will carry their passion for gardening into their adult years and continue to grow their own fruits and vegetable wherever they end up. It will become a family tradition in their eyes.

2. Let Your Kids Help Make Dinner

You need to get your kids excited about making a homemade dinner so that they aren’t begging to go out to McDonald’s to get a free toy. Make the excitement about being home with the family instead. Tell your kids how excited you are to make dinner and then ask if any of them want to help. But you need to make sure that you make it sound like the adventure of a lifetime so that they will want to join in as well. Let them chose what vegetables they want to cut up and what type of salad that want in that meal. Make sure that they always have a choice in the matter so they will feel like the dinner was their idea. It will make your kids more likely to finish the good food on their plates.

3. Have Smoothies for Deserts

We have gotten our kids into the bad habit of expecting sugary treats and chocolate as a reward for eating dinner. Instead, change that reward to a fruit and green smoothie. Blend almond milk, strawberries, chlorella and spirulina, bananas, and kale into a smoothie that tastes amazing and healthy for you and your kids. Whatever you raise your kids to love is what they will love as they grow older. When they’ve grown to adults, they will still be drinking kale in their smoothies rather than chocolate pie and ice cream. There are even several new essential oils, like young living essential oils, that you can add to smoothies to provide overall better health! Teaching them now what to have for dessert will make a huge impact on their adult lives.

4. Be a Role Model to Your Children

This step is so important because your kids look up to you more than anything. They see you as the ideal adult that they will need to live up to someday. But if you are unhealthy then you can’t expect your kids to be any better. They want to be like you so if you’re unhealthy then you kids will mimic that trait. In order to teach your kids, you have to be a teacher. You need to be in a place that you kids will recognize how important it is to you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Start teaching your kids by teaching yourself.

5. Never Restrict Your Child

Don’t label one thing as good and another as bad. Simply help them to chose the good thing. By placing restrictions on foods you could risk having your child develop an eating disorder later in life. Always encourage healthy lifestyles but never force it.

Our children are our lives. They are our pride and joys in this life. Because of that, we need to treat them like the precious things that they are and help them to advance further in life by being healthy and loving themselves. We sometimes underestimate the impact that we have on our kids futures. We need to recognize that the example that we set for them could end up being their future.