How to Teach Your Kids to Be Environmentally Friendly


As human beings, there is a responsibility to treat the planet with respect and to ensure that you do all that you can to support a healthy future. Being environmentally friendly all starts at home. For families with children, this can start with you and the lessons that you can instill with your kids. As you look to ensure a healthier future for the world, here are few tips on how to teach your kids to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Replace Your Energy Sources

The amount of fuel and the source that you use at home is a big contributor to improving your sustainability practices at home. Using alternative energy sources can help reduce your impact on the planet. If you utilize renewable energy sources like solar power and solar battery storage, you can do your part. Take time to talk to your kids about energy and also teach them how to be mindful of their use, so even when you have renewable energy, they are cognizant of their impact on the world around them.

Read Them Stories

If you want to educate your children on how to be more eco-friendly, you can utilize the power of storytelling. Add books that teach these valuable lessons about the environment, conservation, recycling and living environmentally consciously to their book inventory or rent them from your local library. You may be surprised at the lessons that your children can learn from the stories of others.

Educate them on the Environment

Educating them about the world around them, the environment and their place in it should include an appreciation of nature. You can help them develop this connection to the earth by getting outside, enjoying the sunshine and taking in the natural elements and beautiful features around them. Whether you grow a garden together, go on a hike or take a nature walk, take the time to enjoy the marvels and wonders of nature together.

Get Outside and Exercise Together

As you develop a love for the outdoors together, you can also achieve another important element of healthy living, exercising together. By getting outside together to exercise, walk or bike, you can use different forms of travel and entertainment that have little to no impact on the environment. Instead of staying inside to watch a movie, play a game on a tablet or using an exercise machine at home, you can get your heart pumping and develop a deeper appreciation for nature by exercising together. The next time you think about driving somewhere or taking public transportation, consider if you can opt for a walk or bike ride instead.

Learn Together and Lead by Example

Your children will learn a lot from you, even when you least suspect it. This is why you need to be cognizant of the lessons that you are teaching them from your behavior. While you can seek out formal lessons for your children about living more environmentally conscious lives, they will learn a lot from just watching you and the choices you make. Consider how you can instill a love for the environment and how you can support its health through your decisions from waste and disposal to energy use and decision-making.

Volunteer Together

Volunteering together can be a valuable way to spend your time as a family. Not only will you learn a great deal about the impact of your work, but you also have the chance to develop a deeper connection with the service work. You can begin to teach your children the powerful lesson of giving back and why that is so critical early on if you volunteer together as a family.

Environmentally friendly living is a choice that you can make regardless of where you are in life. You have the opportunity to positively impact the planet with every choice that you make, and you can help instill that important lesson at home with your family. You don’t need a formal lesson to teach your kids how to be better stewards of the planet, and it can all start with your decisions at home.