How to Teach Your Growing Daughters


Growing up is not easy and can be even more hard if your daughter does not feel like they are supported by their parents. When a daughter feels like they are being supported they will be set up for a bright future whatever they decide to do.

Parenting is not an easy job and it does not get any easier with teenage daughters. Going through junior high and high school can be so rough and it is easy for daughters to get lost and feel their self worth drop. When a parent is there to help them and teach them they will feel more prepared to face the problems that they will go through.

Here are the 5 ways to teach your daughters as they enter their teenage years:

Use Empathy and Patience

If you are going to teach someone how to do anything you will need to be a little patient and use some empathy. This requires parents to be ready to emotionally support their children when they need your help.

This is similar to doing a science project with them or teaching them to tie their shoes. But it will be with messier issues such as how to shave or how to date. You as a parent may need to brush up on certain topics or think about how you would have wished your parents would have taught them.

Explain What is Going On

You can tell someone what to do all day long but it only becomes meaningful to them when they understand the why behind certain things. Maybe you don’t want your daughters to wear makeup until they are a certain age or don’t want them dating until they are in high school. Whatever you want from your children be sure to explain the why behind what they have to do. This will allow them to understand and accept responsibility for their actions at a young age.

Be Honest

You do not have to be the perfect parent to teach your children. You may find yourself bonding with your children if you tell them you don’t know everything that is going on. This can comfort your daughters and allows them to understand how to work through problems and face them head on.

But this does mean that you have to open up and be emotionally vulnerable with them. You may have to talk about uncomfortable topics and have hard conversations with your daughters. Having these conversations will make you a great parent though because you are not leaving your children in the dark and letting them figure it out themselves.

Use Your Own Experiences

Yes we all have embarrassing stories about our teenage years that we would rather not talk about. As awful as these experiences were you can use them to show your daughters that everyone struggles in some form.

Sharing your experiences does not have to be elaborate or hard. Talk about how to apply skincare products and the first time you tried to use moisturizer. It may feel awkward at first but with practice and patience you will find it gets easier over time.

Watch Them Flourish

Hard work does pay off and maybe you won’t see the progress right away it will come. It may not come until they are in college or even when they are older adults. As long as you are trying your best and improving where you can you will have a clear conscious about your job of parenting.

Even if they don’t seem to be listening to you or just want to be left alone, there will be small moments of success that will make parenting worth it. It may be a final presentation, graduation or even a sports event where you find yourself beaming with pride for your daughter.

What are some funny stories of you trying to teach your daughters? Share this with a friend who has daughters and see what they agree with and don’t agree with.