How To Stay Stylish As A Busy Mom

Kevin Gardner

Being a mom is a full-time job. It can be very hard to have great style when you're busy looking after your kids, but it can be done. It just takes a little creativity, ambition, and motivation. With the right tools and looks, you can be looking your best in no time at all. Below are some useful tips on how to still have great style even with kids.

Clean Out Your Closet

It might seem like a huge task to declutter your closet, especially as a busy mom. An unorganized or chaotic closet will only slow you down, though. Knowing where everything is inside your closet will help you stay focused on your look and style and can save you a lot of time when you get ready everyday. It doesn't matter if your closet is small or large, it needs to be organized.

Start out by getting rid of everything that you no longer wear. There is no point in keeping that purple blouse from college if it's just sitting and collecting dust. In addition, get rid of any clothing items that you feel like you should stop wearing. If you have 10 pairs of black sweatpants, it's time to start letting go. After you clear out all of the clothes you no longer need, start arranging everything in an organized fashion and group similar clothing pieces together. With a little hard work, your closet will soon look structured and tidy.

Choose Clothes That Fit Properly

When it comes to being stylish, it's always best to avoid clothing that doesn't flatter your body type. Stay away from clothing pieces that are too tight or form-fitting. Clothes that are too big are also very unflattering. Choose items that highlight your natural beauty. Avoid pieces that have too many designs or patterns, as these can be distracting. Make sure you feel comfortable in your clothing. Discomfort is usually very obvious and confidence is key.

Have Fun With Accessories

Accessories can really bring an outfit to life. Get creative with items like jewelry, purses, belts, hats, scarves, and gloves. Outfits with muted or neutral colors can often be transformed with an accessory in a fun color or pattern. A cute Chanel handbag is a fun way to spice up a simple outfit. Add some jewelry to your look if you feel like your ensemble is missing something. Just make sure that you don't overdo it. Too many accessories can make your outfit look busy and gaudy.

Find Your Signature Look

It's important to find your own unique style and go with it. Find something that makes your look stand out from the rest. This may be a great handbag, bright red lipstick, the perfect pair of shoes, or a bold manicure. Choose something that highlights your unique personality and fashion sense. Your signature look is going to bring you more confidence and will make getting ready a lot more fun.

Make An Effort

Although it's hard being a busy mom, it's important to look like you've made an effort in your appearance. Find the motivation within you to look perfectly done, even when you feel like your life is hectic. Take the extra time to do your hair and makeup. You will feel better when you do. Your confidence will show when you take the time to look your best.

Have An Emergency Style Kit

Being a mom means a lot of unexpected messes. Sometimes you spill juice all over yourself or the baby decides to vomit on your shoes. You might tear your dress while chasing after your toddler or your hair might get a little messy. This is why you should always have an emergency kit for situations like these. Good things to have on you at all times include baby wipes, a hair brush, a sewing kit, wrinkle spray, and a shoe polish kit. Being stylish means being prepared.

The most important part of being stylish as a mom is to just have fun with it. Find what works for you and your kids and run with it. Great style comes from within. Be comfortable and confident!