How to Sneak Healthy Eating Into A Hectic Mom's Life


Being a mom is a rewarding career full of love and sacrifice. One thing lots of moms sacrifice and want to take back, though, is their waistline. So many moms feel overwhelmed when thinking of balancing raising children with proper diet and exercise, but it is so important to be a happy and healthy mom. I'm not going to focus on exercise because let's be real, chasing children is exercise enough, but there is truth in the sentiment that abs are made in the kitchen. Changing your eating habits can catapult your weight loss and give you that hot mom bod you want, and it's not as difficult as you think. Here are a few "life hacks" to help you eat better while momming on the run.

Change Your Shopping Habits

Eating healthier starts in the kitchen right? Wrong! It starts when you go shopping. Eliminating takeout and eating at home is crucial to having a healthier lifestyle, but it's not going to mean much if the house is full of processed foods with ingredients that look like a foreign language. Make a meal plan full of healthy dishes with real foods and buy only the ingredients to make those dishes. Buy natural snacks like nuts, popcorn, and fruits to keep handy and eat on the go. To make things even easier buy frozen and chopped produce for convenience and a longer shelf life. If you just want an extra boost, you can also add healthy supplements to your daily routine. There are plenty of supplements you can take from collagen to daily vitamins and minerals. Make sure to look at reviews, such as a Le-Vel Thrive Review, before you start taking supplements just to ensure you are getting high quality products into your body. Besides what mom wouldn’t want an extra boost to keep her going!

Start With The Kids

It may seem a little backwards, but let's be honest, you eat what the kids eat. If you have to make chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese for lunch, what is the likelihood you are going to have the time and energy to make yourself a chopped veggie salad as well? Slim to none! An easy way to eat healthier yourself is to decide what bad foods your children eat and think of healthy alternatives. Just like it is unlikely you're going to make yourself something healthy after preparing something unhealthy for the kids, it is unlikely you will make unhealthy food for yourself after making them a nutritious meal. Look at these kid and mom friendly snack ideas and see if any look good to try this week.

Make Efficient Meals

Most mothers are too busy to make gourmet healthy meals every night. It's true a mother's work is never done, but it doesn't mean we can't work smarter. Cooking does not have to take your undivided attention for hours at a time. There are plenty of methods that allow you to make meals in advance or cook multiple meals simultaneously to make the best use of your free moments. Cook two dinners at once and save one for the next day, fold laundry while the chicken is baking, use jars to make overnight oats for breakfast the next day. One of my favorites and perhaps the king of all "set it and forget it" tools is the slow cooker. You can prepare healthy dinners and leave them to cook all day while you take care of the house and run errands.

Moms are amazing and the backbone of society, but we need time to take care of ourselves too. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by your mommy tummy, take a moment to reevaluate what you and your family are eating. Small changes can really make a huge difference, and looking and feeling better will only heighten your super mom powers.