How to Pick the Best Car For Your Family

Loretta Jane

You’re driving home from the hospital with your firstborn child when you realize, you might need a bigger vehicle – a safer one. What does that even mean and where do you look? Picking a new vehicle can be stressful; however, if you make sure to think about the features you like or dislike about your current vehicle, you can be confident in your choice.

Safety Features

Many of the top family vehicles on the market, namely minivans and SUVs, come with a slew of safety features for the whole family. These features can be as innocuous as seat belt sensors that don’t allow the radio on until everyone is buckled in, or full-surrounding airbags that prevent kids from hitting side windows in bad car accidents.

If you have teenagers, it makes sense to look into some of the more modern, or brand new family cars, that have features specifically with teens in mind. Some vehicles utilize a geo-fence setting where you’re notified by text if the car leaves a certain predetermined radius. You can even program some cars to send out alerts if your car exceeds certain speeds or moves at times when it’s not supposed to. This gives you peace-of-mind when keeping track of teenage drivers.

Another safety feature that’s becoming common in your typical family vehicle is a backup camera. Features such as backup cameras are already standard, but the next step in that evolution is the 360° camera which gives you a full view of everything around your car. This provides even more peace-of-mind, especially when your kid has a tendency to leave their bike laying around. Further, some cars have sensors that let you know when there is someone in your blindspots or if you’re drifting out of your lane. If you perform an internet search of the most popular cars by state, you’ll find that most of them include 360 cameras and lane departure assist, along with blindspot indicators.

Space and Layout

Even if you don’t have several children, space can still be unbelievably important. Having captain’s chairs for the second row makes the ride much more comfortable for both children and adults. If you don’t get a vehicle with third-row seats, then this won’t be an option, however, your passengers might have a lot more legroom than having a third-row.

If your kids have gear for their activities (sports, dance, hobbies, etc.), then make sure you pick a car that has plenty of space in the back for all their things. A stereotypical example would be picking up several kids from a soccer game with all of their bags and any other equipment they may have. Having ample trunk space becomes very important, very quickly.


Now that you’ve looked into the must-have features and important safety features, it’s time to look into some convenient, fun features in the best family cars. A feature like seat memory is often overlooked and surprisingly useful, especially if you and your significant other are very different heights. This is a programmable setting for the driver’s seat so that once you have it all to your liking, you save the settings. Then, you’ll be able to call up that specific adjustment with the push of a button.

Heated seats have been a thing for many years, but the latest convenience trend is cooled seats. If you ever find yourself running hot and you’re sticking to the seats, having a bit of airflow on your tush can make or break your day. The cooling feature will drastically help with your comfort level.

Lastly, if you’re carrying kids, groceries, sports equipment, luggage, a combination of all the above, then hands-free features are a must-have. Look for a vehicle that has a motion sensor under the tail-gate so you can use your foot to activate it when your hands are full.


Gone are the days of rolling up in a minivan or station wagon that made you cringe with embarrassment. Now you can pick up the kids from school, take road trips, and cruise around with style and comfort.