How To Pack For Your Move Overseas


You are excited to learn that you are moving to a new country. While the thought of moving all of your belongings out of the country can be daunting, you will be able to prepare easily if you keep your steps in order. Here are the items you will need to keep in mind while you are packing up your home.

Keep Your Paperwork Handy

When you are planning your move, you need to gather all of your important documents and keep them with you as you travel. This includes your passport and photo identification along with your birth certificate, insurance information, tax information and any other papers you will need to get established in your new country. If you are married, you will want to have your marriage certificate on you to prove the union between you and your spouse. You will want to keep these on you personally in the event that you arrive before your belongings do. Make sure you have this information for every member of your family.

Hire the Experts

You will want to call international moving companies in Washington DC to find the one best suited to your needs. You will want to hire expert movers especially if you are transferring overseas. These groups are skilled with the best methods to get your things safely and efficiently shipped to your new home and can ensure that they pass through whatever regulations might hold them up. They can also give you advice on how to pack so everything arrives safely.

Stock Up

You will want to talk to your doctor and pharmacist about getting extra doses of your medications before you leave. You will be so busy moving in to your new place and adapting to your new life that it might be awhile before you find a new doctor who can treat your illness. Having extra medicine can buy you some time to settle in and find the right physician. Be sure to keep a couple week’s worth of drugs on you as you travel in case something happens to your things as they are shipped. You might have trouble getting refills immediately in your new country if they are lost.

What Stays and What Goes

When you are packing your things, take into consideration the size of your new home in comparison to the one you currently have. If your new residence is smaller, you will need to put your excess belongings into storage. However, if your move is permanent, you will either need to sell some things or donate them to a charity. You will also need to find out if there are things that you have that are restricted in your new country and pack accordingly.

Dress To Impress

Research your new country to see what clothing you want while you live there. If you are moving to a colder climate, you will want to ship your warm clothes. If you are moving to a warmer climate for a long period of time, you might consider selling or donation the winter wear. Be sure to pack a couple weeks worth of clothes that will work well in your new climate in case your delivery takes a few weeks. Also, remember to take more fun items with you instead of shipping them such as a swimsuit or a dress for a night out so you can enjoy yourself.

Tokens Of Home

You might be anticipating your move to a new county, but you will want to remember to take things that remind you of home such as photos or notes. Packing a few momentos will bring a piece of your old home with you. They can also keep you from being homesick by bringing something special with you. Portraits of loved ones will keep them close to your heart while they are thousands of miles away. You can also show the pride of your former country by displaying patriotic items.