How to Make Your Home More Fun for Your Family


You’ll never forget the home you grew up in. Hopefully, it’s full of fond memories of childhood fun and family togetherness. No that you have children of your own, you want to make sure they have the same experience. After all, they grow up so quickly, and your time together under the same roof will go by in the blink of an eye. Here are some ways to give them as much fun as you can before the nest is empty.

Invest in Your Backyard

If you live in a suburb or city with enough space for a backyard, you’re sitting on a goldmine of fun. It really doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, there are plenty of ways to make it come to life. Of course, an in- or above-ground pool is an automatic pass to fun summer days in the sunshine with friends, if you have the room. Financing with pool loans can make this dream a reality more easily than you might think. Many people worry about maintenance costs, but much of the upkeep a pool requires can be done yourself after either learning from a professional once or watching detailed online tutorials.

If you don’t have the means or space for water, consider going the opposite direction and using fire for fun (safely). Building a fire pit is a fun family activity, and a strong one can last for generations. A fire pit or camp fire is your ticket to family singalongs, roasting smores, grilling hot dogs and relaxing. If you’re not confident in your ability to build a pit that will be safe, ready-made portable ones can be found at nearly any department or camping store.

You can also bring sports and games into the equation easily and on a budget. Portable or retractable volleyball and badminton nets are a great path to competitive family fun. Croquet, bocce ball and horseshoes are also fun and inexpensive ways to enjoy your time outside without installing anything permanent.

Upgrade Your Basement

Of course, backyards aren’t universally open for business 365 days a year, especially if it snows in the winter where you are. If low temperatures and snow are a concern, your family can retreat to the basement for fun times. Many homes have basements with untapped potential. Unfinished basements are very common across the county. It’s not hard, however, to jazz them up with a ping-pong or air hockey table. All of a sudden, a cold, industrial-looking unfinished basement can become a game room.

If you are able to finish your basement, the possibilities are almost endless. The downstairs part of your home can provide a haven for art projects, video game counsels, movie watching and more; all with appropriate adult supervision, of course.

Install a Fireplace

As we take a look inside your home, one of the major components of outdoor fun can come inside pretty easily. You no longer need a fireplace, chimney, and a sweeper on call to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a fireplace. Many, if not most homes, have made the shifts to electric fireplaces that simulate the warmth and glow of fires built by heat or natural gas.

Synthetic, in-home fireplaces are much easier to maintain and use than their traditional, fiery counterparts.

Create a Garden

Now, let’s take some time to go back outside. Using the space, you have to plant a vegetable or flower garden is a huge way to boost family fun. You can train your children to look out for, examine, and report on exotic plants while all the while explaining and demonstrating their uses and importance. In addition, a beautiful, luscious garden will provide you with premium ingredients to cook for your family and an idyllic environment to entertain guests.

Your home is so much more than a physical space where things happen, and people come and go. It is the source of all your family’s memories. Always keep that in mind.