How to Make Your Children Feel Safer Today


The world today is full of some surprising trauma-inducing tragedies, including fire accidents, earthquakes, and shootings. Children have been established to be highly prone to traumatic experiences which often lead to depression and stress. Protecting your children from potential exposure to such unfortunate events is the most recommendable step to take. Any form of child protection measures should revolve around making them feel as safe as possible, even when the world around them seems to be unsafe. When seeking to protect your children, you should think about the common avenues of risk exposure that affect them from time to time, and the various risky environments involved. Here are some tips on how to effectively make your children feel safe in an unsafe world.

Regulate their access to media

The media today is particularly infiltrated with information that is of violent nature. By the age of 18 years, research has shown that an average American kid will have had access to information relating to over 16,000 murders and over 20,000 acts of violence. Some of the most common channels of communication utilized to perpetrate such information today include social media, television, and video games.

Exposure to such material normally intensifies feelings of vulnerability among the children as they feel that they could potentially become victims of violence. It is, therefore, crucial to control the kind of information and material that children have access to. Regulating the television programs and movies the children watch from time to time helps protect them from potentially violent information.

Be attentive and sensitive to their vulnerabilities

Sometimes, children become vulnerable to potential acts of violence unconsciously. Instances such as when they are on the playground can potentially expose them to being bullied and other mild forms of child abuse. To reassure them of their protection and safety, it is highly advisable to keep a keen eye on their activities on a day-to-day basis where possible. Investing in various cutting-edge home security and automation measures helps you achieve the desired level of child protection necessary to keep your children safe at all times. This helps create a mentality on them that you are a caring parent.

Reassure them of your protection

Children are sensitive to information they receive from their parents. As a parent of a child who is surrounded by potential acts of violence, it greatly pays to verbally reassure them that you are greatly concerned and working towards ensuring their safety. Sometimes, children may express their fears by appearing frightened or concerned by the acts of violence around them. Whenever you sense such expressions, it is crucial to offer some social solace to them to ensure that their fears are dissipated. This ensures that they feel at ease even in the face of danger.

Make them feel bold and courageous

Sometimes, as a parent, you may not always be there for your child’s protection. Whereas it is not advisable to withdraw your support and protection, it is crucial to help build confidence in your children. Such confidence and courage can be nurtured by giving your child an opportunity to take care of his or her safety. Equipping them with information such as how to fight off adversity and how to report acts of violence perpetrated against them helps them to know the precise measures to take whenever in danger. It also pays to teach your child how to stay bold and safe in cases where they are potentially at-risk. Training them, for instance, on how to kill a spider or chase away a stray dog makes them more responsible and courageous.

In conclusion, child safety is a major concern in the world today. Your child may be potentially at-risk of various adversities which often make them feel unsafe and insecure. As a precautionary measure, experts advise that you initiate and implement various steps that help make your child safe. Such measures should focus on protecting your child from various risks that he or she faces from time to time.