How to Make a Splash With Your Kids This Summer


There is nothing quite like summertime, especially for kids. It's when Popsicle stained shirts account for the bulk of your laundry, the scent of sunscreen and bug spray fills the air, and when a messy, sweaty kid usually means a happy kid. Meals migrate outside, and bedtimes are pushed just a little bit later. You already have what you need to help make this summer an awesome one for your kids - your backyard! With a little planning, your backyard will very quickly become your kids' favorite place to be.

Encourage Unstructured and Physical Play

When was the last time you encouraged your kids to just... play? No structure, no agenda, no membership fees. If you give a kid a sandbox, they will spend hours digging and building and molding. If you give a kid a mud kitchen, they will serve up the best mud pies and stone stew in town. Fairy houses can be built with sticks, grass, stones, and leaves. An old sheet becomes a cape, a shelter, or a picnic blanket for a tea party. Imagination is an amazing thing that kids should tap in to as much as possible. It helps cognitive development, encourages independence, and hones problem solving skills. Physical play is also super important for healthy growth and development, and kids love it, too. Fill baskets on your back deck with various sports equipment, and set up a soccer goal for free kicks or a pick-up game of soccer. Help your kids and their friends set up a relay race by providing items like hula hoops, bean bags, cotton balls, jump ropes, batons, and pillowcases. The possibilities for backyard fun are almost endless!

Just Add Water

It's no secret that South Carolina summers are hot. The novelty of summer can wear off pretty quickly once everyone is cranky, permanently sweaty, or going stir crazy from being cooped up in air conditioning. That's no way to spend your summer, is it? Picture this - no more packing into the car to go to the town pools or lakes, and no more rushing to your destination to secure a spot to set up. You can thank your very own beautiful and refreshing pool for that! Not only is having your own pool convenient, pools have come a long way with energy efficiency, model choices, and maintenance requirements. Do yourself and your kids a favor and check out options for pool builders in Charleston. Or, maybe you already have a pool but are looking to improve it or upgrade to a new model. Whatever you choose to do, you can be confident that your investment is worth every penny, because kids love water! And water = tired and happy kids, which is awesome for tired parents everywhere. If you're still not convinced, consider having a pool to be an excellent teaching tool for your kids in terms of water safety and learning how to swim (or improve their technique).

Test Out Backyard Gardening

If you're looking for a fun way to teach responsibility and patience this summer, consider getting your kids into gardening. You don't need acres of fertile land to have a garden - a few pots or barrels filled with quality soil will work just fine. Container gardening is very kid friendly, lots of fun, educational, and rewarding. Your kids will enjoy having something to look after and check in on, and imagine how proud they'll be when enjoying a cherry tomato right off the vine, or presenting you with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers picked from their very own garden. There are so many ways for your kids to make their gardens unique, or even take on a science experiment vibe. Get your kids involved from the very beginning stages. Make a plan, let them choose seeds or plants, and enjoy watching them get their hands dirty.