How To Keep Your Kids Helpful During Chore Time


Kids can be messy. They're always running around, screaming, and having fun, often at the expense of their parents, who have to clean up after them. As frustrating as it can be to be constantly cleaning up after your children, you still love them, of course. But that doesn't mean that you can't use a few sneaky tricks on them to make your life easier when it comes to clean up time. Here are a few cleaning tips and tricks to help you keep the mess under control.

Make Everything a Game

Games are one surefire way to keep your child interested and engaged in anything. They're always wanting to play and win games, so why not make cleaning up a fun game too? For example, if you have multiple kids, and they leave toys scattered everywhere, make it a competition to see who can pick up and put away the most toys. Have them come to you, give them a certain number of toys to pick up, and see who can pick up that number the fastest. Often the winner won't even need a prize, they're just excited to win over the other kids. You can use similar games in other areas of general household cleanup as well, such as doing dishes.

Make a Chore Calendar

If your children need a more tangible incentive to persuade them to do their chores, making a chore calendar could help. Being able to see their accomplishments by having them marked off with a sticker, a marker, or in some other way can help them visualize their accomplishments and feel proud of themselves for what they've achieved. To add an extra layer to the calendar, you can reward them with something if they get enough stickers throughout the week. Once again, your child may not even need a prize to be satisfied, but it can be a nice touch to reward them for their good behavior on a regular basis.

Have Consequences

If your kids don't do what they're supposed to, and you don't do anything to enforce the rules you set, then your rules are pointless. One common way to make sure your children pick up after themselves is by introducing some kind of "toy fairy". The general idea is that the toy fairy comes in at night sometimes and takes toys that haven't been put away for herself. This is a simple way to take toys away from your children without making yourself out to be the villain. You can extend this consequence to include other chores. The toy fairy doesn't like when kids don't do their chores, so she'll come and take toys that have been put away if the other chores don't get done. Of course, you can eventually give the toys back to your kids after the toy fairy has had her fun. Remember, there is nothing wrong with disciplining your children as long as you are doing it healthily.

The Stuff Your Kids Can't Do

Of course, your kids won't be able to help you with all the household chores. But whether you're cleaning a hard-to-reach place, buying groceries, or trying to figure out how to remove blood from sheets, you can still get your children to help you by finding productive ways to keep them occupied without bothering you. There are several activities that can help build a child's cognitive development that also double as ways to keep them out of your hair, such as reading a book, doing a puzzle, or playing other educational games find. Find the option that works best for your children while you're doing to more intensive housework.

Tricking your kids into doing chores can not only relieve stress for you, but it can provide some free and productive entertainment for your children. With these tricks, along with the rest of your amazing parenting skills, your child can hopefully gain skills of responsibility and discipline that they need to be successful.