How to Keep Your Kiddos Occupied This Summer


How to Keep Your Kiddos Occupied This Summer

The summertime can be a wondrous time to enjoy the warm months and summer breezes. For parents, this can also be a time that challenges you to keep your children engaged and active for longer periods of time. Keeping your kids occupied can feel like a daunting undertaking for many parents, and this is something many families struggle with. Don’t fret, this summer and consider using these great strategies for keeping your kiddos engaged and occupied.

Strategic Gaming

When we think of gaming, we may envision a blank stare at a computer, telephone or handheld console screen. This mind-numbing state may be commonly associated with gaming, but there can be many other advantages to games. Games can help teach children with skills in strategy, eye coordination and being a team player. With skill-building games like snake, Sudoku, and typing challenges, your kids can keep learning and practicing well after school ends for the year. What was available to us as children, pales in comparison to the options available to our children these days.

Water-Based Play

A favorite pastime of summer is playing with water. Whether you have access to a poll, a kiddie pool, a sprinkler or a water-fueled lawn slide, this is the perfect activity to keep your kids occupied. Particularly when the summertime temperatures begin to rise, having the opportunity to cool off with some water-based fun can be a great way to relax and create some fun-filled memories.

Create a Young Chef

Letting your youngster practice in the kitchen can be a scary concept for many parents; however, cooking with your kiddos can be a great way to create lasting memories. Not all cooking adventures need to be dangerous for your child, so start off gradually by having them mix items or dump ingredients into a bowl so that you can work your way up to more skills actions. Bonding in the kitchen is a family favorite when it comes to building memories, so take the time to practice their baking and cooking skills.

Outdoor Movie

Setting up a movie outside is a fantastic twist on a family movie night. By hanging a solid sheet and projecting a movie, you can create a whole different world for your youngster that will be sure to amaze them. Pull out all of the family favorite snacks and enjoy this amazing activity together.

Volunteer Together

Teaching your children to share their time to help others is a valuable lesson regardless of how old your children are. By getting out into the community as a family to give back, you can begin to teach them the value of giving their time. When you volunteer together, you can bond while putting some good into the world.

Cultural Immersion

During the summer months, when you are going on vacation or if you have more time on your hands, this can be the perfect time to teach your kids about other cultures. By taking the time to learn about different cultures through food, online resources, books and activities, you can create a truly enriched summer experience that is sure to teach you all a lot. Before your vacation is a perfect time to do this, as you may be entering into other communities, so do your research as a family ahead of time. Considering enlisting the help of the local library who can help you track down resources and point you in the direction of helpful resources to supplement your at-home educational experience.

Get Creative

It is important to get creative with the planning of your kiddo's summer activities. While there may be favorite summer staples that you enact each summer, trying out something new can keep you and your children engaged and excited about what’s to come. Don’t get bored with stale summer routines and instead shake it up with something fun for the entire family.

Summertime is the perfect time for families to come together to bond and create lasting memories; however, without the right activities, you can feel stagnant and stuck. Spice up your summer with some kid-approved family fun, and this makes a fun and exciting few months that will have you excited and engaged all throughout the summer.